Aviation trivia including the accomplishments, history, pictures, sounds, and specifications of hundreds of historical aircraft from the Wright Flyer to the F-35. Learn about the fastest, the smallest, the largest, the highest flying, the firsts and lots of other facts and trivia. Plus a guide to scale model radio control airplanes and helicopters.

Challenge yourself with these most popular aviation trivia questions, then find the answers including RC Airplanes and Helicopters.

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Most Expensive

Name the world's most expensive airplane project

What is the most long and most heavy airplane ever built in the history of the world?

Name the foreign aircraft carrier it is rumored that the U.S. may lease

Name the turboprop executive aircraft built by Piaggio and Ferrari

Name the famous aircraft last flown by the Red Baron

Name the supersonic helicopter with its own tv show

What airplane is called The Superscooper?

What is Sweden's most advance fighter aircraft?

Name the helicopter that the U.S. bought from Russia to give to Afghanistan

Name today's mass produced airliner that is longest from nose to tail

Name the world's only stealth heavy bomber

Name the Russian heavy bomber that first flew in 1952 and is still deployed today

Name one of the world's premier fighter aircraft of today, produced by Sukhoi, and used by Russia, India, and China

The first operational jet fighter flew for Germany during WW II.  Name it.

Name Russia's stealth fighter jet

Name Germany's best single engine fighter aircraft of WWII

Name the first British plane to land on an underway aircraft carrier

Name the first single engine British jet fighter

Name the amphibian aircraft responsible for the sighting of the Bismarck, plus the spotting of the Japanese fleets at Midway and Wake Islands

Name of the famous single engine German dive bomber of WW II

Name the first plane to have gun fire through its prop arc

What is the official name given to the Bell UH-1 "Huey"?

Name the world's most produced jet fighter capable of maintained supersonic speeds in level flight

What was the first U.S. bomber to attack the Japanese mainland during World War II?

What is the single two word name given to the group of vehicles once used by the the U.S. to transport people and cargo into space?

Name the first aircraft ever to perform the "cobra maneuver"

Name the now retired fastest strategic bomber in the world

Name of the most famous Japanese fighter aircraft of WWII

Name the jet fighter often regarded as Europe's best attack aircraft of today

What is the main U.S.A.F. fighter bomber

What was the most produced U.S. heavy bomber of World War II?

What was the world's first powered airplane to fly under the complete control of its pilot?

What was the primary U.S. jet fighter of the Korean War?

Name the premier Russian air superiority fighter of today that first flew in 1977

Name Russia's aerobatic jet team

Name the main U.S. Air Force fighter aircraft of today

What is the main U.S. Navy fighter aircraft of today?

Name the first U.S. aircraft to be downed by a missile in the Vietnam war

What is the most produced jet fighter in the West today?

Name the most advanced U.S. fighter aircraft currently deployed

Name the most advanced French Fighter aircraft currently deployed

Name the latest generation compact business jet with engines on pylons on top of its wings

Name the commercial jet flying today that is larger than all other two engine or three engine commercial aircraft

What is the name of the famous US Navy Air Team still flying today, seen by over 425 million people since 1946?

Name the main U.S. Army attack helicopter

Name the most famous WW II British elliptical wing fighter aircraft

What is the first U.S. dedicated attack helicopter named after a snake?

Name the world's biggest passenger airliner flying today

What is the U.S. ground attack aircraft known as the Warthog?

Due to its skin heating to over 2,000 degrees while flying at over 2,000 mph, this aircraft actually grew stronger with age. Name it

Many people feel its the world's best looking helicopter flying today. Name it.

Name the Allied heavy bomber that only saw action in the Pacific during WW II

What was the first U.S.A.F. stealth attack aircraft?

U.S. Navy WW II torpedo bomber nick named "turkey"

The world's biggest single engine biplane flying today

Primary aircraft used to support the failed Cuban Bay of Pigs landing

U.S. jet fighter that held simultaneous records for speed, altitude, and time to altitude

Name the world's first jet powered regional airliner

Said to be the world's quietest helicopter overall

Light, dual tandem seat general aviation, high wing aircraft, produced for some 45 years, a favorite among instructors and bush pilots today

Versatile U.S. four engine turboprop powered cargo hauler that's still going strong, 50 years since its introduction

European manufactured Fenstron tail helicopter operated by the U.S. Coast Guard

World's smallest twin engine aircraft

The supersonic transport flown by Air France and British Airways, now grounded

USAF transport that set a distance record for a parachute mission

Many people picture this U.S. aircraft when they think of a biplane

Most produced twin narrow body airliner in its class

Front line utility helicopter of U.S. Army

Aircraft flown by the Flying Tigers

It isn't a helicopter, but a jet, is currently deployed, and is capable of hovering

Name the world's first production military tilt-rotor aircraft

U.S. aircraft manufactured from 1961 to 1982 used in civil aviation and by the military, with engines pulling and pushing

One of the best WW II fighter planes, easily identified by its "bent" wings

Famous British air team flying the BAE Hawk

Introduced "fly by wire" to sub sonic commercial aviation flying

First helicopter to fly around the world

French aerobatic contest winning aircraft that originated in 1961, and still winning contests today.

Name the civil aviation twin engine airplane designed by Ted Smith, famous for its single engine and both props feathered airshow routine.

Name the European helicopter called "the squirrel", best known for tv news coverage

What was the mainstay trainer of civilian pilots, preparing them to enter air corps service prior to World War II?

Name the most effective Argentine Air Force fighter jet during the Falkland war.

What was the airplane that trained thousands of pilots headed to high performance aircraft in WW II?

What was the pinnacle of pre WW II fast, luxurious, air transportation?

Name the airplane that set a 1949 world record for the longest solo flight without landing.

Snoopy's favorite aircraft.

The most "green" commercial air transport in the world.

Famous U.S. WW II bomber known for its ability to absorb a great deal of punishment from enemy fire.

Backbone of today's U.S. heavy bomber fleet.

Two seat amphibian recreational aircraft expected to start deliveries during 2013.

World's most produced fighter aircraft ever,

Popular cargo aircraft that remains in production over fifty years after its first flight, having accumulated over 22 million flight hours.

Cargo aircraft that flew "over the hump" during WW II

Primary U.S. transport aircraft of WW II.

Name the first Soviet award winning aerobatic aircraft made by Sukhoi

Aerobat with roll rate of 420 degrees per second.

Popular single engine civil aviation aircraft that began production in 1956 and is still produced today.

In the 1950's it set the standard for the light twin civil aviation market.

Mainstay utility helicopter for the US Army since 1962.

WW II Japanese dive bomber influenced by German design.

Arguably the best German fighter aircraft of World War I.

Aircraft introduced in 1936 that made American Airlines famous.

Won the 2004 and 2006 Red Bull Air Races.

Said to be the world's easiest two seat aircraft to fly.

Thrills air show crowds with tumbling maneuvers that are second to none.

Famous Top Gun jet fighter.

Second largest mass-produced aircraft currently flying.

Flown by the aerobatic team of Brazil.

Trained pilots for the U.S., Canadian, and British A.F. during WW II.

What is the most produced Western turboprop airliner?

German built turboprop airliner, that when introduced had the widest cabin in its class.

First helicopter capable of day/night, all weather flight, built outside of Russia.

Twin engine military transport, produced in Italy that shares many parts with the Lockheed C-130J

Light helicopter known for its low operating cost and low maintenance, combined with exceptional performance

Two seat Russian aerobatic aircraft, often used as a trainer, that has won trophies around the world

One of the world's fastest initial attack air tankers

Had the most WW II U.S. aircraft victories over Japanese aircraft

Modern version of the Piper Cub

Most popular scale civil aircraft of rc modelers

World's most produced jet fighter

WW II British aircraft that flew as fast as a fighter and could carry the ordnance of a medium bomber

The preferred aircraft of WW I Allied flying aces

Only U.S. fighter aircraft produced throughout WW II

First U.S. aircraft that could exceed 300 mph in level flight

Largest U.S. WW II fighter aircraft

Allied WW II fighter with the range to escort bombers on their longest missions

High demand single engine civil aircraft that has retained its value throughout the years

One of the best known turboprop utility aircraft, particularly for parachute jumping and glider towing

High performance aerobatic biplane on display at the Smithsonian

Canceled $8 billion U.S. stealth helicopter project

Trained British and Canadian pilots during WW Two, a popular aerobatic performer today

Upgraded, more aerobatic version of the Citabria

1970's Jet trainer jointly produced by France and Germany

USAF, USMC, USCG, and USN turboprop trainer from 1953 to today

Only successful U.S. three prop engine commercial aircraft

World's only helicopter fitted with a jet fighter type ejection seat

Light twin prop driven aircraft that excelled in the ground support role during the Vietnam War.

Popular basic aerobatic low wing sports training aircraft manufactured in France from 1968 through 2007

American dive bombers credited with the sinking of four Japanese carriers during the Battle of Midway

Airliner converted to air tanker that can drop 12,000 gallons of water in eight seconds

Workhorse single engine aircraft popular with bush pilots that first flew in 1947 and is still going today

Small modern European utility helicopter prized for its speed and maneuverability

Upgraded twin-engine version of the original Cobra helicopter

This Czechoslovakian aerobat was one of the first manufactured with CAD

Popular 1940's single engine recreational aircraft with over 5,200 sold

British training aircraft that first flew in 1931

Home built kit aircraft that flew around the earth in 1995, 1996, and 2000

What was the first operational jet fighter produced by Grumman?

Name the smallest sea plane ever to be produced by Grumman

Name the airplane, produced in Poland, that has been an all time favorite glider tug and seaplane since its first flight in 1962

Name the world's most used jet trainer

Prop driven advanced training aircraft used by the U.S.A.F. and U.S.N. from 1950 through 1984

First French WWI fighter aircraft armed with twin machine guns

Largest ever single piston engine attack aircraft

No other single piston engine civil aviation airplane is faster

Name the airplane flown by the Australian Roulettes air team

Name of the world's fastest four seat seaplane

What airplane won the 1932 Thompson Trophy race?

What trainer jet aircraft proved effective in ground attack for Israel during the Six Day War?

Multi role variable swept wing fighter produced by England, Germany and Italy deployed from 1979 to 1999

Advanced low drag design, good handling, twin engine,German long range bomber that first flew in 1939. Engine problems kept it from fulfilling its full potential.

The Los Angeles Fire Dept. has three of these helicopters, built by Agusta Westland.  What is the model number?

What is the name of the helicopter that won the last U.S. Army LUH competition?

Among the all-time great Soviet civil and military transports

Inexpensive fighter aircraft built in the U.S., but rejected by its Armed Services, used successfully by the air forces of countries around the world.

Most heavily armed British WWII fighter/bomber

U.S. attack aircraft that flew war missions starting in Vietnam and ending in the Gulf War

Huge Soviet Aircraft that could go over 300 mph, but never flew higher than 70 ft.

Biplanes built with enclosed cabins starting in 1931

More of these aircraft have been sold than all other twin turboprop aircraft of their type

Largest propeller driven seaplane water bomber

Name the world's highest flying helicopter

Name the best Soviet WWII fighter

First U.S.A.F. swept-wing bomber

Name the only U.S. supersonic heavy bomber

Name the single seat dedicated cargo hauling helicopter with intermeshed rotors

Name the world's first supersonic bomber

Name the British aircraft carrier the U.S. Navy is rumored to be considering leasing

The Voodoo was a "century series" aircraft. What was its series number?