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A-26 Invader For Sale
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     Primary Function:
     Weight Empty:
     Max. Weight:
     Machine Guns:
     Cruise Speed:
     Max. Speed:
     Climb Rate:
     Year Deployed:
US$ 243,000.00
medium bomber
3 bomber/2 tanker
Pratt & Whitney
2- 2,000 hp. ea.
51 ft. 3 in.
70 ft.
22,850 lbs.
35,000 lbs.
10- .50 cal.
6,000 lbs.
1,000 gallons
285 mph
355 mph
2,000 fpm
22,000 feet
1,400 miles

One A-26 Invader for sale has a wingspan of 68 in. with recommended power as 2 x .30 2c engines. All up weight is around 11 lbs. It is from VQ Warbirds.

A-26 Invader For Sale
A-26 Invader For Sale

The A-26 Invader for sale by Douglas was converted to an air tanker with 1,000 gallon capacity tanks after retirement from military service. Their relatively high speed and war bird type handling were ideally suited for their new missions.

The A-26 Invader for sale succeeded its predecessors as a faster and more maneuverable medium bomber, capable of attack missions in support of ground troops.

A prototype first took to the sky on July 10, 1942, with the manufacture of the first production aircraft commencing on August 15, 1943.

During World War II the A-26 Invader for sale first saw action in the Pacific. Soon after, Invader aircraft were in combat over Europe.

After the War, the U.S. Strategic Air Command used the aircraft for reconnaissance missions.

The bomber, flown by Cuban exiles, provided ground support during the Cuban Bay of Pigs Invasion.

A total of 2,502 A-26 Invader aircraft of all types were sold. The final missions of USAF A-26 Invader aircraft were flown in 1966, after which they were retired. We don't know of any aircraft still being operated as air tankers.

A-26 Invader For Sale
A-26 Invader For Sale

Pictured above and below is the great looking A-26 Invader for sale by Don Smith Plans built by Frank Annett. Frank's model has a wingspan of ten feet and is powered by two Saito 300 engines. Recommended for power are twin 1.4 to 2.1 engines

A-26 Invader For Sale.

A-26 Invader For Sale.

Pictured immediately above and below is the VQ Warbirds A-26 Invader for sale built by Steven Wong. Steven powers it with a pair of Saito 54 4c engines. Steven painted his airplane with additional details, including panel lines.

A-26 Invader For Sale.

Advanced Scale Models (ASM) has the A-26 Invader for sale. Its wingspan is 92" and length is 66". It is made from balsa and plywood and needs a pair of .52 2C or .70 4C engines for power. Weight is around 17 lbs.

If you are looking for plans for a larger version of the A-26 Invader for sale, Don Smith Plans has them. It has a wingspan of 105" and can be powered by two .91 engines.

Wing Mfg. has the A-26 Invader for sale as a short kit. Its wingspan is 68". They recommend .25 to .30 2c power.

Michael Goolsbee from San Antonio, Texas wrote: "I came across your site and you asked for info on any A-26 Invader for sale. If you go to my friends site, www.scalercmodels.com, you will see that he has a set of plans of the A-26 Invader for sale that he drew back in the 70's. He just sent me a copy, which I am looking to make a fiberglass fuse and nacelles, and they appear to be very accurate. It has a 92" wingspan. Hope this information helps."

Thank you very much Michael. The A-26 Invader for sale by Scale RCModels plans is designed by Bob Parcell. Wingspan is 91" and length is 64". A pair of .50 engines are the recommended power source.

There is a post to RC Groups from Delta 1 who is looking for A-26 Invader plans for sale.

If you have a A-26 Invader for sale, please email us about it. If you know of any other A-26 Invader for sale that we need to include here, please let us know about that too.