Douglas A-1 Skyraider


USS Akron US Navy Dirigible

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Airplane sound from hundreds of planes available to download for free, including jets, trainers, props, seaplanes, fighters, bombers, airliners, attack aircraft, and biplanes.

Most of the airplane sound on this site is around 20 seconds long, MP3 and WAV. We found that WAV is best overall, especially with propeller airplanes, and are larger files. MP3 sounds are much smaller files and work best with the sound of jet airplanes.

We are within reasonable driving distances of large and small civil airports, plus two aviation museums, one with many flying warbirds that date back to World War II. We go there to get much of our airplane sound.

One of our members was a WW II Army Air Corps vet who managed to record airplane sound on one of the reel-to-reel tape recorders of the time. We even found some of the airplane sound from phonograph records. Unfortunately, most of the airplane sound from long ago lost its fidelity when being transferred from the original media to digital, for the computer.

We gather quite a bit of airplane sound at the Chino, California airport where the Planes of Fame Museum is located. They have monthly flying exhibits of vintage aircraft, plus an annual air show.

Some people think that an airshow is a good place to record airplane sound. However, there are usually music, announcers, and the noise of the crowd to consider. Some of our best airplane sound was recorded during the days before an air show, during flying rehearsals.

We still had to contend with other airplane sound, machinery, and even the occasional barking dog or loudly chirping birds. And, of course, the open spaces of airports can often find the wind blowing between you and the airplane. We try to stay upwind as much as possible, yet position ourselves as close as safely possible to the airplane.

Airplane sound from loud engines can be good when it drowns out background sound. However, we have to be careful not to record so that the full power airplane sound overwhelms the rest of the recording.

We have airplane sound of many aircraft that no longer are flying. We have found replica airplane sound from aircraft with similar engines in a number of cases. Sometimes a working engine, out of the airplane will be preserved. There may be a vehicle with the same engine still running, or another airplane that uses the same, or a similar engine. We can come pretty close to duplicating the actual airplane sound from those sources.

Please email us if you have any suggestions on how we can improve our airplane sound recordings, or if there is a particular airplane sound you would like to hear that we have missed.

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