(List of High Flying Aircraft)

Accomplishments, history, specifications, pictures and sounds of altitude record setting, high flying aircraft, and a radio control airplane guide.

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High flying piston multi engine aircraft while carrying a 1,000 kg. payload (47,910 ft.): B-29

High flying piston single engine aircraft (56,046 ft.): Ca.161

High flying float plane (44,429 ft.): Ca.161 Idro

High flying cargo aircraft with 88,200 lb. payload (43,830 ft.): C-17

High flying helicopter official record (40,820 ft.): SA-315

High flying helicopter unofficial record (42,424 ft.): AS 350

High flying turbine helicopter with 2,000 kg. payload (28,743 ft.): CH-54/S-64

High flying piston multi-engine drone (67,028 ft.): Condor

High flying unpowered manned aircraft (50,720 ft.): DG-500 glider

High flying single engine turboprop (53,574 ft.): Egrett

High flying jet seaplane (54,800 ft.): F2Y

High flying zoom flight of a U.S. jet aircraft (103,389 ft.): F-104

High flying electric propeller aircraft (96,863 ft.): Helios

High flying absolute zoom flight of a manned jet aircraft (123,523.58 ft.): MiG-25

High flying four engine jet seaplane bomber (40,000 ft.): P6M

High flying manned balloon (127,851 ft.): Red Bull Stratos

High flying rocket plane while transporting two passengers (367,441 ft.): SpaceShipOne

High flying sustained horizontal flight (85,069 ft.): SR-71

High flying twin pusher prop (60,897 ft.): Strato 2C

High flying rocket plane taking off from the ground (79,452 ft.): Sud-Ouest Trident II

High flying single engine piloted aircraft (68,700 ft.): U-2

High flying manned aircraft (354,199 ft.): X-15

High flying drone aircraft (110,000 ft.): X-43A

High flying kite (16,009 ft.): 12 sq. metre DT delta

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