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RC Lama
(Radio Control Helicopters Lama)



     Primary Function:
     Weight Empty:
     Max. Weight:
     Cruise Speed:
     Max. Speed:
     Climb Rate:
     Year Deployed:
Turbomeca Astazou
550 hp.
42 ft. 3 in.
10 ft. 1 in.
43 ft. 4 in.
2,258 lbs.
4,300 lbs.
151 US gallons
91 mph
130 mph
1,085 fpm
17,700 feet
320 miles

RC Lama
RC Lama
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Hirobo has the RC Lama in 1/5 scale for those looking for a large rc helicopter. It is 80 in. long and is powered by a 35 cc engine. Weight is around 29 pounds.

On June 12, 1972 Jean Boulet piloted the Aerospatiale SA-315 Lama to a helicopter absolute world altitude record of 40,820 feet.

RC Lama.

The RC Lama by XHeli has contra rotating rotors. Length is 16.7 in. and it is driven by two included 180 motors.

The Lama is designed to operate in the thin air of hot climates and at high altitudes. It is derived from its predecessor. While the predecessor uses a 870 hp Turbomeca Astazou IIIB engine, the engine on the Lama produces less sea level power, but it is more efficient at higher altitudes.

RC Lama

Check out the RC Lama pictured immediately above if you do your flying indoors. The Hirobo RC Lama is 14 in. long and weighs just 185 grams. Power for the micro size rc helicopter comes from a pair of motors.

The Lama was originally conceived as piston engine powered. When the designed was changed to include the Turbomeca Astazou engine it became the first production turbine powered helicopter in the world.

The rc SA-315 Lama from Hirobo.

The RC Lama from Hirobo is .30 size. Length is 43 in. and weight is about 7 lbs. Power can come from .32 to .50 size engines.

While Aerospatiale ceased production of the Lama in 1989, HAL, India, continues to produce updated versions to this day, under a license agreement.

RC Lama.

The RC Lama from Vario comes as a fuselage kit to fit VR-22 mechanics. Its length is 85 in. and width is 14 in.. Rotor diameter is 85 in. and weight is about 30 lbs.

Global-RC also has a rc Lama for indoor flying.  It has a length of 17 in., and a height of 6.7 in.  Counter rotating main rotor blades give it extra stability. Included are the motor, a transmitter, gyro, mixer board, receiver, servos, charger and battery.  Weight is 7.3 oz.

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