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Alenia C-27J

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          Primary Function:
          Weight Empty:
          Max. Weight:
          Max. Payload:
          Cruise Speed:
          Max. Speed:
          Climb Rate:
          Range Empty:
          First Flight:
          Year Deployed:
RR AE2100-D2
2- 4,637 hp ea.
74 ft. 6 in.
94 ft. 2 in.
37,480 lbs.
70,107 lbs.
3,255 US gals.
25,350 lbs.
350 mph
375 mph
3,000 fpm
30,000 feet
3,685 miles

Alenia C-27J
Alenia C-27J

The Alenia C-27J transport, known as the Spartan, is the results of a combined effort of Alenia Aeronautica, Italy, and Lockheed Martin, U.S.A. In fact, its engines and other components are shared with the American built C-130J. Although aircraft components are built in the United States, the final assembly takes place in Italy.

The Alenia C-27J can fly 1,250 miles further and 9,000 feet higher than its predecessor transport. The cargo bay measures about eight feet in height, eleven feet in width, and thirty eight feet in length.

The C-27J Spartan can transport up to 60 combat ready troops, or 46 paratroopers. Cargo capacity is 25,350 lbs., and the aircraft can carry vehicles with a total combined weight of 18,000 lbs. Vehicles can be easily loaded due to an adjustable level cargo floor.

For Medevac duties, the Alenia C-27J has facilities for up to 36 stretchers and six paramedics. The aircraft has all weather, day and night flying abilities, a plus for search and rescue operations, a loiter time of up to nine hours, and can land in as little as 750 feet.

In addition to Italy, a number of other countries around the world have ordered the aircraft. Some 78 Alenia C-27J aircraft have been produced to date.

Alenia C-27J

Pictured immediately above is the colorful Alenia C-27J from NitroPlanes (C-160). Its wingspan is 57" and it is 46 1/2" long. Power can come from from a pair of brushless Speed 400 size motors.

Pictured first below is the larger Alenia C-27J from NitroPlanes (C-160). This good looking airplane has a 72" wingspan and is 53" long. You can power it with .20 - .25 2 C or .26 - .30 4 C engines.

The next two photos below are of the Alenia C-27J scratch built by Sergio Vergara. It has a 74" wingspan, 55" length and weighs about 7 lbs. Construction materials are balsa and plywood. Power is from a pair of AXI 2820/12 motors. Sergio tells us that his airplane is highly aerobatic. He appreciates that the actual Alenia C-27J is too, so he can perform loops, aileron rolls, and inverted flight not normally associated with a cargo transport and still be scale-like.

The bottom picture is of the great looking Alenia C-27J built Amper CZ of RC Groups. It has a wingspan of 59" with a length of 49". Power for the approximately 3 lb. airplane is from Dualsky motors.

Alenia C-27J
Alenia C-27J - NitroPlanes

Alenia C-27J
Alenia C-27J - Sergio Vergara

Alenia C-27J
Alenia C-27J - Sergio Vergara.

Alenia C-27J
Alenia C-27J - Amper CZ

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