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        Primary Function:
        Weight Empty:
        Max Weight:
        Cruise Speed:
        Max. Speed:
        Initial Climb:
        First Flight:
        Year Deployed:
STOL utility
one or two
Shoetson ASH62R
1,000 hp
40 ft. 8 in.
59 ft. 8 in.
7,600 lbs.
12,125 lbs.
1,100 lbs.
112 mph
160 mph
700 fpm
14,750 feet
525 miles

Antonov An-2 For Sale
Antonov An-2 For Sale

The Antonov An-2 for sale is currently the world's largest single engine biplane. It has short take-off and landing (STOL) capabilities, using ailerons which can be lowered 20 degrees in conjunction with its flaps. The aircraft are used for smoke jumping, paratroop transport, glider tug, utility transport, water bombing, and training.

Antonov An-2 for sale production started in 1947. We are told that it is still being produced by the Chinese State Asset Management Commission and Polskie Zaklady Lotnicze (Polish Aviation Works). The aircraft is in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the longest production run of any aircraft in history.

The Antonov An-2 for sale has easy to remove, dual slide-tray mounted heavy duty batteries with attached connectors. Pneumatic connectors located in the bottom of the fuselage allowing the attachment of hoses to the aircraft's air brake compressor line. Easily removable main tires with automotive type beads ease service. Fuel system access fitting in the bottom of the fuselage allowing use of aircraft power for loading. There is a 32 gallon engine oil reservoir. The engine is said to operate on a minimum of 6 gallons.

Pilots report flying the Antonov An-2 for sale as a docilely mannered, yet unpleasant aircraft to fly.

During taxi, the pneumatic brakes of the Antonov An-2 for sale are controlled from the yoke of the aircraft. More than a light application may have the aircraft standing on its nose.

At a fifteen degree flap setting, the Antonov An-2 for sale will do a 3-point take off after a run of a little over 1,000 feet. Climb out is at about 700 feet per minute.

Although the Antonov An-2 for sale has electric trim, there are no position indicators. A light system only tells you that the trim tab is in the neutral position.

The controls of the Antonov An-2 for sale are extremely heavy and very slow to respond.

Fuel consumption at cruise for the Antonov An-2 for sale is around 45 g. p. h.

The Antonov An-2 for sale is definitely built for controlled slow speed flight. It flys the same down to about 35 mph as it does at its cruise speed.

Cross wind landings in the Antonov An-2 for sale can be challenging due to semi slab sides and large vertical stabilizer. Pilots report that the Colt will bounce a bit on anything but a perfect landing.

A total of over 18,500 Antonov An-2 for sale aircraft of all types have been sold to date.

We received the following email from Arjuna Koralagama: "I found your site by searching for "worlds largest airplane". Excellent work compiling all that info. It was very usefull. However, I know of one single engined biplane that is larger than the Antonov An-2 for sale making it the largest single engined biplane. It's the Short Bomber."

Thank you very much for the information, Arjuna. Indeed, the Short Bomber has a longer wingspan. However, it weighs less than the Antonov An-2 for sale and is no longer in production.

Antonov An-2 For Sale

Above is a picture of the Antonov An-2 for sale sent to us by Philipp Gardemin from Germany.

Philipp sent us the following email: "Attached find pictures of my Antonov An-2 for sale. It has a wingspan of 2.4 m, a flying weight of 7 kg and is powered by a Torcman 1.5 Kw outrunner motor. It is scratch built in wood. - Philipp".

Antonov An-2 For Sale

The Antonov An-2 for sale scratched built by Hal Norrish has a wingspan of 77" and a length of 55". Hal powers it with an AXI 4120/18 motor. All up weight is 8 lbs.

Antonov An-2 For Sale

The Antonov An-2 for sale by Flying Scale Models has a wingspan of 50.5". Recommended power is with .19 to .25 two cycle engines.

Antonov An-2 For Sale

The scratch built Antonov An-2 for sale by Christen Lagerstedt has a 84" wingspan. An Actro 40-5 outrunner motor swinging a 18 x 8 prop powers it. All up weight is about 16 lbs.

Check out the picture at RC Groups of meatbomber and his really nice looking card model Antonov An-2 for sale. He plans to use it as the basis for a 49" wingspan An-2 that he is building.

Theo (mbirka@otenet.gr) in Greece writes that he is looking for a large ARTF Antonov An-2 for sale. If you know of one, please write him directly. Thank you.

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