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    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Machine Guns:
    Max. Speed:
    Initial Climb:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
pilot and student
P&W PT-6 turboprop 550 s.h.p.
2,960 lbs.
4,400 lbs.
28 ft. 6 in.
33 ft. 5 in.
276 mph
2,200 fpm
25,000 feet
700 miles

T-34 Mentor For Sale
T-34 Mentor For Sale
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The T-34 Mentor for sale by Beech was the primary trainer for the USAF, USMC, USCG, and USN since 1953. We detail over 15 T-34 Mentor scale model radio control airplanes here. The aircraft is still in use by the United States Navy and Marine Corps, plus a number of countries around the world.

The first T-34 Mentor for sale was equipped with a Continental piston engine. With only 225 h.p. pulling the aircraft through the air, it was generally underpowered. In 1973 the Mentor's engine was replaced with a P&W PT-6 550 s.h.p. turboprop. The result was an aircraft that was vastly improved.

Pilots of the aircraft are impressed with its all-around visibility. Stalls, both power on and power off, are easily controlled. Controls are light and the aircraft is extremely aerobatic. It seemingly can performs loops, rolls and stall turns at just the thought of a pilot. However, changes in power settings require corresponding changes in aircraft trim for straight and level flight.

We have read pilot reports saying that the non-turboprop T-34 Mentor exhibits very little warning through the control stick indicating that a stall is imminent. However the turboprop model is said to gives a multitude of warnings. Perhaps that is a function of the longer nose moment of the turboprop powered aircraft. We would appreciate hearing from pilots about their experiences with both aircraft.

Perhaps the most famous T-34 Mentor is the one flown by Julie Clark at air shows around the country.

Before production ended in 1990, over 2,300 T-34 Mentor aircraft were sold.

T-34 Mentor For Sale
T-34 Mentor For Sale

Pictured above is the rc T-34 Mentor for sale from NitroPlanes. It has a 58" wingspan, and is 45 1/2" long.  Construction is all wood and retracts are included.  It needs from .40 to .46 two cycle or from .52 to .63 four cycle engines.  Weight is about 6 lbs.

T-34 Mentor For Sale

Another rc T-34 Mentor for sale from NitroPlanes has a 34 1/2" wingspan and is 30" in length. A 2830 brushless motor powers it. Also included is the ESC, servos, flight battery, and charger. Weight is around 1 lb.

T-34 Mentor For Sale

The NitroPlanes rc T-34 Mentor for sale has a wingspan of 65" and length of 54". It will take from .60 to .80 two stroke or a .91 four stroke engines. Weight is around 8 lbs.

T-34 Mentor For Sale

The T-34 Mentor for sale by Hangar 9. The ARF has a wingspan of 57" with a fuselage that is 45" long. You can use two cycle engines from .40 to .46 in size. When complete it should weigh around 6 1/2 lbs.

T-34 Mentor For Sale

The Kit Cutters T-34 Mentor for sale was designed by Mark Frankel and originally published in RCM plans. Wingspan is 98". Power can come from 1.8 to 3.6 c.i.d. four cycle engines. The kit is built from fiberglass, balsa, ply, and has foam core wings. You will need from 6 to 10 channel controls.

T-34 Mentor For Sale

The T-34 Mentor for sale by Horizon Hobby for beginning pilots has a wingspan of 55", and a length of 44". Construction is all-wood. It allows beginners to start out with wing droops. The provide extra lift is for slower, gentler flying. As flying experience increases, these can be removed for more aggressive flying. It has an electric motor and everything that you will need to get into the air in a few hours.

E-Flite has a T-34 Mentor for sale. Wingspan is 55" and length is 44". It comes ready to fly including a Power 25 brushless motor, 12 x 8 propeller, 40 A ESC, 2.4 GHz radio and receiver, all servos, all batteries and chargers. Ready to fly weight is 5 lbs.

Top Flite has a T-34 Mentor for sale in kit form. It builds to a 80" wingspan and 63" length. Engines can be from .61 to .91 two cycle or from .91 to 1.20 four cycle. Weight is around 13 lbs.

Sapac has a rc T-34 Mentor for sale with a 34.6" wingspan that weighs almost exactly 1 lb. It comes with a Speed 400 type brushless motor.

The AMA Plans Service has plans of a T-34 Mentor for sale designed by Aviation Modeller. It has a 64" wingspan and is design for engine power.  Plan no. is 16493.

Foshan Model Shop has a T-34 Mentor for sale. It is engine powered and made from fiberglass.

PT ZELATOY has a T-34 for sale. It has a 55" wingspan and is 44" long. Included is a brushless motor.

ISE Technology has a T-34 Mentor for sale. It has a wingspan of 55" and weighs about 5 1/4 lbs. A 25 to 32 electric motor is needed for power.

E-Supply has a T-34 Mentor for sale. Its wingspan is 57 1/2" and it is 48 1/2" long. It will need a .40 to .50 two stroke or .60 to .70 four stroke engine. Weight is around 6 lbs.

SN Hobbies has a T-34 Mentor for sale.

NitroPlanes has parts for the T-34 Mentor for sale.

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