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    US$ Cost:
    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Fuel Capacity:
    Rotor Diameter:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max Speed:
    Climb Rate:
    First Flight:
$10.8 million
GE T700
2 x 1,680 shp ea.
10,900  lbs.
14,750 lbs.
2,755 lbs.
3,914 lbs.
44' 7"
13' 5"
48' 0"
165 mph
220 mph
1,620 fpm
12,000 feet
365 miles

RC Super Cobra from Align.

Dan Goldstein posted the above rc Super Cobra picture to Heli Resource. He states that Align is developing a rc Super Cobra fuselage to fit T-Rex 500 size mechanics. It is 44" long, 13" high, and 9 1/2" high, made from glass fibre.

Quicksilver posted a video of his rc Super Cobra to RCGroups. It features a custom paint scheme. He purchased it on eBay. It is shown in the first picture below.

Pictured second is the Hirobo rc Super Cobra fuselage to fit .60 size mechanics. Length is 57", rotor diameter is 61", and weight is about 13 lbs. It can use from .60 to .91 engines.

The next picture is of the rc Super Cobra from Scale Master. It is 57" long and is powered by a Actro 540 kV motor. Included is a sound system, working navigation lights, the ability to fire its rockets, and a custom built cockpit with crew.

In the bottom picture is the rc Super Cobra by Thunder Tiger. It has a 31" length, is 5" wide, and 8" high. Its rotor diameter is 29 1/2".

HobbyTron has a rc Super Cobra that comes ready to fly. It uses three channels, has a 6 3/4" length, 6 1/2" rotor, and is 3 1/2" high.

Heli Hobby has a rc Super Cobra fuselage to fit Mini Titan mechanics.  It comes in a number of paint schemes, plus clear.

Syma's rc Super Cobra is 9" long, 4" high, and 2" wide. It comes ready to fly with a three channel infra red radio, including flight battery and charger.

The rc Super Cobra from Tech Team is 15 3/4" long. It comes ready to fly including a flight battery, charger, and radio.

The Super Cobra, officially the Bell AH-1W, is an upgraded twin engine version of the original Cobra. During operation Desert Storm, on a single mission they destroyed over 60 enemy tanks.

RC Super Cobra by Quicksilver.

RC Super Cobra Helicopter from Hirobo.

RC Super Cobra from Scale Master.

RC Super Cobra from Thunder Tiger.

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