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Bf-109 For Sale
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Bf-109 Radio Control Airplanes For Sale
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         Primary Function:
         Weight Empty:
         Max. Weight:
         Machine Guns:
         Cruise Speed:
         Max. Speed: 
         Climb Rate:
         First Flight:
         Year Deployed:
1,450 hp V12
29 ft. 1 in.
32 ft. 7 in.
5,900 lbs.
7,500 lbs.
1- 20 mm
2- 13 mm
230 mph
400 mph
3,350 fpm
39,000 feet
530 miles

Bf-109 Radio Control Airplanes For Sale
Bf-109 For Sale

The Bf-109 for sale by NitroPlanes is available in both engine and electric power in different sizes both ARF and RTF.

About 35,000 of the Bf-109 for sale by Messerschmitt were manufactured, making it the most produced fighter aircraft in the world.

Early in World War Two the Luftwaffe Bf-109 for sale by Messerschmitt dominated over the British, Polish and French aircraft. Later, in battles over Britain, it met formidable opponents. Due to its short range the aircraft was unable to escort Luftwaffe bombers far into Britain. Its short range was a significant contributor to the defeat of the Germans in the Battle of Britain.

Bf-109 For Sale

That's Jim Repp with his great looking Bf-109 for sale from Meister Scale. Its wingspan is 100 in. and length 91 in. Fuselage is glass fibre with built up all wood wings. Flaps and retracts are optional. Suggested engine is a DA 85. Weight is around 44 lbs.

Bf-109 For Sale

The Bf-109 for sale from STYLM has a wingspan of 35 in. and length of 28 in.. Included is a motor, radio, flight battery, and charger.

Bf-109 For Sale

Modeltech has a Bf-109 for sale as shown above. It is made entirely from wood. Wingspan is 45 in., length is 37 in. Engines can be from .25 to .36 two cycle. All up weight is a little over 3 lbs.

Bf-109 For Sale

The Bf-109 for sale from VQ Warbirds has a 60 1/2 in. wingspan with a 44 in. length. Construction is balsa and ply with a all up weight around 6 1/2 lbs. You will need a .40 to .46 two cycle or .70 four cycle engine for power.

Bf-109 For Sale

Admiral Piett of RCGroups converted a Bf-109 for sale by Guillow's as a free flight kit into the airplane pictured above. It has a wingspan of 16.5 in. This is just one example of many conversions of the Bf-109 for sale that can be found.

BF-109 For Sale

SIG Mfg. has a Bf-109 for sale with a wingspan of 48 in. and length of 42 1/2 in. You will need a 300 - 400 W motor for power. All up weight is around 3 3/4 lbs.

If you are looking for an inexpensive slope soarer, check out the Bf-109 for sale by GWS. It has a 34 in. wingspan, is 30 in. long, and weighs around 11 oz.

Dynam has a Bf-109 for sale that has a 50 in. wingspan, 46 in. length, and includes retracts. It is powered by a 500 kV motor and weighs about 3 lbs. ready to fly.

Meister Scale has a kit for a 84 in. wingspan Bf-109 for sale. Weight is from 16 - 20 lbs. Recommended engines are 1.8 glow or 2.3 - 3.0 gas.

You can find a Bf-109 for sale from American Eagle as a kit. It has a 98 in. wingspan. All up weight is from 28 to 34 lbs. with recommended power a Zenoah 62 or Sachs 4.2 and up.

There is a posting on RCGroups about a high quality Bf-109 for sale by Igor Vyznal. Wingspan is 65 in., length is 57 in., and weight around 7 3/4 lbs. A .90 four stroke engine is recommended for power.

Hobby-Lobby has a Bf-109 for sale with a wingspan of 43 1/2 in. and a length of 35 in. Included is a brushless motor and controller. Weight is around 2 lbs. 3 oz.

If you are looking for plans of a Bf-109 for sale, Kit Cutters has them from Dave Platt. Wingspan is 79 in., engine is a .90 2C, and weight is around 14 lbs. Kit Cutters also has a Bf-109 for sale as a kit.

Flying Styro has a Bf-109 for sale. The ARF has a wingspan of 29 1/2 in. and a length of 25 in. Weight is around 13 oz.

There is a kit from Depron of the Bf-109 for sale from Green Air Design. Its wingspan is 22 in. A CD ROM motor is recommended for power. Weight is around 10 oz.

ParkZone has a Bf-109 for sale. Its wingspan is 43 1/2" and length is 39". Included is everything necessary for flight except the radio.

Hangar Hobbies has a Bf-109 for sale. It has a wingspan of 35 1/2 in. and a length of 31 in. Power is by a geared motor.

The Bf-109 for sale from CMP features a glass fibre fuse, retracts, flaps, and speed brakes. Its wingspan is 73 in. and it is 66 in. long with an all up weight of about 11 lbs. You can power it with from 1.20 to 1.60 two cycle or from 1.40 to 1.80 four cycle engines.

AirField's Bf-109 for sale has a 55 in. wingspan and is 50 in. long. The foamy comes as a kit, ARF, RTF, and ready to fly with radio. All up weight is about 4 lbs.

NitroPlanes has a Bf-109 for sale made by AirField that is available in kit form, as ARF, or RTF. Its wingspan is 31 1/2 in. and length is 29 1/2 in. Weight is just about 1 lb. all-up.

GuanLi's Bf-109 for sale is available from NitroPlanes as a kit, almost ready to fly, or ready to fly. It has a 36 in. wingspan, a 31 in. length, and weighs around 15 oz.

NitroPlanes Bf-109 for sale with a 35 in. wingspan and 27 in. length comes as the airplane only, with a motor, with everything you need to fly except radio, and including a radio. Weight is around 17 oz.

For those looking for a Bf-109 for sale that can fly in small spaces, check out NitroPlanes. Their Bf-109 for sale has only a 20 in. wingspan and 18 1/2 in. length. It includes a motor and speed control.

Copy Toys has a Bf-109 for sale. It is made from balsawood and plywood with a 44 in. wingspan and 38 in. length. A brushless motor is used for power.

Bill Mauer discovered an already built Meister Scale Bf-109 for sale at a garage sale. It has a 101 in. wingspan and is powered by a 3W75 engine. All up weight is around 32 lbs. Bill tells us that it needed a good cleaning of the airplane and engine, plus double checking everything to make sure it is air-worthy. A new coat of paint and it looks brand new. Nice find!

Pat Serano has a American Eagle Bf-109 for sale. It is in good condition, but Pat needs to make room for his newer airplanes. Wingspan is 100 in., length is 86 in., and weight is around 29 lbs. It is powered by a good running G62 engine.

Rick Lindholm from Chino, CA writes:
"I have been flying the Bf-109 for sale by Modeltech for about a month. Although the covering fit well, I didn't care for the finish. I ended up covering it again so that it would look more authentic.

The Bf-109 for sale fuselage is very strong and it is very well built overall. I powered my airplane with an O.S. .25 FX engine that provides sufficient power. Takeoff at about half throttle is in around 25 feet. With the control throws in the recommended range, the airplane felt a little too responsive for my taste. I could have moved the center of gravity a little forward, but instead I just used less control throws and dialed more exponential into my radio.

The Bf-109 for sale tracks straight and sure unless the winds get blowing. Landings should be with a little speed on, less it drops a wing. I like to keep the power on until it settles on to the runway, then chop the power and apply up elevator to keep the tail down. Make sure you have a bit of runway in front of you while settling down, or it will soon run out. However, unlike the real thing, ground handling, even at high speeds is good, with no tendency to nose over.

The Bf-109 for sale by Modeltech is a good value for the money."

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