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(Radio Control Airplanes Boeing 737)

RC 737 (Boeing 737 Radio Control Airplanes
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    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Fuel Capacity:
    Seating (typical):
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Climb Rate:
    First Flight (ER):
    Year Deployed:
CFM 56-7B27
2 x 27,300 lbs. ea.
98,500 lbs.
187,700 lbs.
53,600 lbs.
174 passengers
138 ft. 2 in.
117 ft. 2 in.
510 mph
545 mph
2,550 fpm (est.)
41,000 feet
3,770 miles

RC 737 Aerodyne
RC 737

The rc 737 from RC Aerodyne features glass fibre and carbon construction. Its wingspan is 88 in. and length 89 in. Included are retractable landing gear.

RC 737: Not pictured is the rc 737 from RC Aerodyne with a 75 in. wingspan. It is a foamy that includes 70 mm EDF units and decals.

Versions of the Boeing 737 have been flying since 1967, and this popular smaller airliner is still going strong today. It is the most produced aircraft of its class.

RC 737 Silverlit
RC 737

The rc 737 manufactured by Silverlit Toys is sold at a number of toy stores at a range of prices. If this rc 737 interests you, it is best to shop around.

The Silverlit rc 737 has a 20 in. wingspan, is 21 in. long and weighs around 7 oz. It comes with everything you need to fly including a two channel radio. Best flying is in no wind or extremely light wind conditions. Control is by varying power to its motors.

Included with the rc 737:
EPP foamy construction
can go right, left, up, down
authentic looking paint scheme

Newer 737 aircraft incorporate winglets for improved economy, an enhanced accuracy global positioning system, a Head Up Display similar to military aircraft, and a Vertical Situation Display that automatically gives pilots situational awareness of the terrain in their flight path shown in a graphic display. The addition of the Head Up Display lessens aircraft down time due to reduced visibility conditions, allowing the pilot to continually scan out of the windshield rather than having to glance down to monitor instruments.

RC 737 Airliner
RC 737

The rc 737 from RC Airliner.com has a molded plastic fuselage with plastic and vinyl covered foam core wings. Wingspan is 52 in., length is 47 in., and weight is about 3 1/2 lbs. Retracts are included, but you will need motors and EDF units.

The latest "Next Generation" aircraft have longer wings and cleaner running, quieter, better fuel efficiency engines.

A total of over 7,450 Boeing 737 aircraft have been produced to date.

RC 737 Card Stock
RC 737

The card stock rc 737 built by Electronick of RC Groups has a wingspan of 18 1/2 in. and a length of 20". Power is by ITC motors.

RC 737 scratch built
RC 737

The scratch built foamy rc 737 by unknown. Its wingspan is 53 in., with a weight of about 2 3/4 lbs. Power comes from GWS fan units.

RC 737 Brett
RC 737

The scratch built rc 737 by brett 1984 of RC Groups is made from Depron, with a wingspan of 31 1/2 in. and a length of 30 in. It is propelled by GWS EDF's.

RC 737 Rauch
RC 737

The rc 737 by Rauch-Airliner.com. has a wingspan is 71 in. and length of 76 in Weight is about 13 lbs.

RC 737 Rauch Airliner
RC 737

You can find the rc 737 from Rauch-Airliner.com. with a wingspan and length of 70 in., a wingspan of 70 in. and length of 75 in., a wingspan of 71 in. and length of 82 in., and a wingspan of 71 in. and length of 90 in.. Power can come from two each of .40 two cycle engines, 5 1/2 lb. thrust turbines, or 85 mm EDF units.

RC 737 Windrider
RC 737

The rc 737 from Windrider built by Ming of RC Groups is a foamy with a 75 in. wingspan. Included are retracts, twin motors with controllers turning 70 mm fans, servos, charger and flight battery. All up weight is around 8 lbs.

RC 737 Hangzou
RC 737

Hangzou Speedmodel's rc 737 comes as a kit made from white foam. Its wingspan is 74.9 in. and length is 75.5 in. Ready to fly weight is about 7.7 lbs. It needs your 3600 to 4200 kV motors to turn the included 70 mm fan units. Also included are retractable landing gear.

RC 737 EDF Model
RC 737

The EDF Model rc 737 comes ready to fly. Its wingspan is 55 in., length is 48 in., and weight is around 3.5 lbs. Included are motors, controllers, retracts, servos, and lights.

RC 737 Airplane Girl
RC 737 Airplane Girl - Bar Refaeli

There are numerous drawings that may help you build a rc 737 at RC Help.com. (http://www.rc-help.com/showthread.php/9535-Boeing-737-800).

RC 737: You can find three view drawings available at no charge at the Boeing.com website that may help you to build a rc 737.

RC 747: Air Hobby has a profile model rc 737 from Dynamic Foamy. Its wingspan is 17 1/2 in. and length is 18 1/2 in. You will need a 6 mm motor and 1 1/2" pusher prop for power.

RC 737: Bonanza.com retailers carry a rc 737 with a 20 in. wingspan.

RC 737: HobbyTron has a rc 737 with a wingspan of 20 in. It is also discounting the rc 737 when you buy three at a time.

RC 737: Geeks.com, eBay, IOffer.com, Crazy Fruit Bat, Amazon.com, and Overstock. com, have a 20 in. wingspan rc 737.

RC 737: Airage Hobby and Amax Toys have a rc 737 that is powered by propellers and has a wingspan of 21 in. with a length of 17 in.

RC 737: At RC Universe you will find a thread by comjets about constructing a rc 737. AirBourn was looking for plans of the rc 737. Rhklenke suggesting a power source for a rc 737 and mustache was looking for plans from which to build a rc 737.

RC 737: ChrisP of RC Groups began a thread about a rc 737 and Ming posted about a new rc 737. Another person seeking rc 737 plans at RC Groups is teha99.

RC 737: You can find electronick2100's video at You Tube of his rc 737 flying indoors. There is also cemky's video of his modified rc 737.

RC 737: Daniel_Epstein submitted his video of a rc 737 to Live Leak.

Please email us if you can recommend a rc 737.