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RC 777
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    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Max. Seats:
    Payload Volume:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Climb Rate:
    Year Deployed:
2x GE90-115B
127,900 lbs. ea.
366,940 lbs.
775,000 lbs.
7,552 cu. feet
47,890 US gals.
242 ft. 4 in.
199 ft. 11 in.
554 mph
575 mph
2,850 fpm est.
43,100 feet
9,000 miles

RC 777
RC 777 from RC Castle.

The rc 777 from RC Castle is for three of four channel control. The ARF foamy comes with motors turning ducted fan units.  It has a 55.16" wingspan, is 57.13" long, and weighs around 3.3 lbs.

The 777, produced by Boeing, is larger than all other two engine or three engine commercial aircraft.  It is the first ever jet passenger aircraft to be completely designed by computer.  Unlike other aircraft, a mock-up was never produced. This helped lower development costs.

RC 777 built by Joe Yap.

You can find plans for the rc 777 pictured above from Joe Yap at hilbren.nl/rcplans. The rc 777 is a slope soarer for ailerons, rudder, and elevator controls.  Its wingspan is 72", length is 86", and weight about 4 lbs.

Its wing is said to be the world's most efficient used in a current airliner.  We are told that its turbojets are the most powerful, efficient, and quietest for the amount of power that they produce.

RC 777 from E-Flite.

Pictured above and immediately below is the ARF E-Flite Super Airliner resembling the RC 777.  It has a 55" wingspan, 57" length and weighs around 3 1/4 lbs.  You will need a pair of BL 400 motors and controllers to drive the included DF units.

RC 777 flying low.

The airplane uses about 2/3 more carbon fiber materials, for added strength and lightness, than any other Boeing jet, except for the newest Boeing models.  The twelve-wheel main landing gear of the aircraft allows for less wear on runways and taxi ways by more even weight distribution.

RC 777 from Skymaster.

Skymaster's rc 777 comes ready to fly. Its wingspan is 48" and it is 33 1/2" long.

The airplane holds the record for longest non-stop commercial flight ever accomplished.

A total of over 1,025 of the airplanes have been produced to date.

RC 777 from EDF Model.

The impressive rc 777 from EDF Model.  Wingspan is 78" and length is 73". Recommended power is by a pair of Typhoon 600-33 brushless motors driving WeMoTec Midi Fans.  All up weight is about 9 lbs.

RC 777 from Windrider.

Windrider's rc 777 has a 53" wingspan. Included are 64 mm EDF units and servos.

RC 777 from Gemini RC.

We are told that the rc 777 from Gemini RC will be available soon. The foamy comes almost ready to fly including motors and 64 mm fan units.  Wingspan is 52", length is 56" and weight is about 4 lbs.

RC 777 from FoamedTape.

Pictured just above is the rc 777 scratch built by FoamedTape from YouTube.  It has a wingspan of 102" and length of 110". Included are retracts.  For power it uses brushless motors turning 90 mm fan units.  All up weight is around 11 lbs.

RC 777 from Shirakawa RC Club.

The rc 777 from the Shirakawa RC Club, Japan, has a 157" wingspan and is 166" long.  It is powered by P160 turbine engines and weighs around 52 lbs.  We don't know the builder of the rc 777 or any other airplane details.  Please contact us if you do.

RC 777 built by Alexkeneth.

Alexkeneth of YouTube posted the rc 777 pictured above. Its a foamy with a wingspan of 59" and length of 62". Power comes from brushless motors turning 68 mm fan units. Weight is around 4 1/4 lbs.

RC 777 from http://airliner-rc.ru/.

Mikhail Karasev emailed to tell us about the rc 777 shown above from http://airliner-rc.ru/. Its wingspan is 117" and overall length 116". The fuselage is glass fibre and wings are balsa over foam. Power comes from two EDF units. You can find videos and lots more information on its page.

Do you have a favorite rc 777 that you can recommend?  Email us.