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(C-17 Radio Control Airplanes For Sale)

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    US$ Cost
    Flight Cost
    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Cargo Hold:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Climb Rate:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed

US$23,811 per hour
P&W F117-PW-100
4- 40,440 lbs ea.
269,000 lbs.
585,000 lbs.
173' 11"
168' 10"
134 troops
88' x 18' x 12'
243,135 lbs.
170,900 lbs.
450 mph
520 mph
2,000 fpm est.
45,000 feet
2,100 miles

C-17 For Sale from Banana Hobby.

Pete Kate wrote to tell us about a C-17 for sale being imported by Banana Hobby and a number of other retailers. It is shown above. It is made by Shenzhen Linpa Technology Ltd. and sold as RTF (ready to fly). It has a wingspan of 54", is 58" long, and weighs around 4 lbs. It is powered by four brushless motors turning 55 mm fans. It comes complete with battery, charger, radio, and everything necessary to fly.

C-17 For Sale by Colin Straus.

The C-17 for sale scratch built by Colin Straus is 1/9 scale with a wingspan of 20' 8". Made primarily of balsa and plywood, it has an all up weight of about 264 lbs.  Powering it are four Jetcat P-120 turbine engines.

Not pictured is the C-17 for sale from Hobby King. It has a a 55 1/2" wingspan and a 59" length. It comes with four 3200 Kv motors turning 55 mm fans and weighs around 4 3/4 lbs.

Hobbytron has a C-17 for sale that is RTF with a 54 1/2" wingspan and length of 58". Included is a transmitter and flight battery.

C-17 For Sale from Parkjet.
Those who can't fit a 264 lb. C-17 for sale in their vehicles may want to consider Parkjets plans. Their C-17 for sale , designed by Francisco Nibbio, has a wingspan of 63". It is built from Depron foam. Power is from two speed 400 pusher props in the inner wing nacelles.

C-17 For Sale built by Francisco Nibbo.

C-17 For Sale built by Dave Matthews.

The scratch built C-17 For Sale built by Dave Matthews has a wingspan of 17' 0". Length is 17' 3". Power comes from 4x RAM 750F turbines putting out 20 lbs. of thrust each. All up weight is 200 lbs.

Matthews C-17 For Sale seen at sunset.

On Sept. 14, 1997 eight C-17 aircraft flew more than 7,780 miles in 20 hours from North Carolina, U.S.A. to Kazakhstan, in Eurasia, parachuting equipment and troops. It is the longest ever air drop mission.

The C-17 also set numerous altitude/payload records, including 43,830 feet carrying 88,200 lbs. during November of 2001.

The C-17 for sale from RC Hobbies wingspan is 55.5". It is 59.10" long and includes motors, ESC's, and EDF's. Weight, ready to fly, is about 74 oz.

Trend Times Toys has a C-17 for sale that comes as RTF. It is a foamy with a 54.3" wingspan that is 57.7" long and weighs about 63 oz. Included are motors, controllers, fans, flight battery, charger. radio, and servos. A remote control rear cargo ramp is featured.

If you know of any other C-17 for sale, please email us.