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RC Stearman
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    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Initial Climb:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
primary trainer
instructor / student
Continental R-670-5
220 h.p.
1,940 lbs.
2,950 lbs.
24 ft. 3 in.
32 ft. 2 in.
95 mph
120 mph
800 fpm
13,300 feet
300 miles

RC Stearman
RC Stearman

Pictured above and first below is the rc Stearman from NitroPlanes. It is available in two color schemes, yellow and Red Baron. It has a 44" wingspan, a 38 1/2" length, and can be powered with .52 to .70 four stroke engines. The rc Stearman is made from balsa and ply and weighs 5 1/2 lbs.

RC Stearman.

RC Stearman

The E-flite rc Stearman has a 44" wingspan and a 35" length. It needs the electric equivalent of a .15 two stroke engine, is of all-wood construction, and weighs around 4 lbs.

RC Stearman

Great Planes rc Stearman has a wingspan of 71 1/2" and length of 57". Construction is from balsa and plywood. To power it you will need from a .91 to 1.20 engine.

RC Stearman

The rc Stearman built from Nick Ziroli Plans is also available as a short kit. Wingspan is 77" and fuselage length is 59". With the recommended Zenoah G38 engine the weight should be between 16 and 20 lbs.

RC Stearman

The great looking rc Stearman built by Les Uyeda is from a Sterling kit. Wingspan is 64 1/2", power is from a O.S. .90 engine, and weight is 13 lbs.

RC Stearman

The Hobby-Lobby rc Stearman is an electric powered ARF with a 44" wingspan, made from ply and balsawood. A 1300 kV motor is needed for power.

RC Stearman - Airplane girl.

The Stearman is among the world's best known biplanes. The aircraft was made by the Stearman division of the Boeing Company.

The Stearman was the primary training aircraft for thousands of airmen from 1935 to 1945. They are known for their ease of handling, ruggedness, and reliability.

Some 8,400 of the aircraft were built through 1945.

Balsa USA has a kit for the rc Stearman. It has a wingspan of 116" and a length of 92". Recommended power is a RCS 215 radial engine. All up weight should be between 45 and 50 lbs.

GWS has a rc Stearman. Wingspan is 38" and fuselage length is 30". Included is a EPC 350 geared motor.

K&W Model Airplanes has a rc Stearman that comes in a kit or as ARF. The wingspan is 76" and length is 59". You can power it with a .60 to .90 two stroke or .90 to 1.20 four stroke engine.

Wattage has a rc Stearman. Its wingspan is 31" and length is 26 1/2". The fuselage is made from plastic and the wings are built-up balsa. Weight is around 28 oz.

Aerodrome RC has a rc Stearman short kit. It is all wood with a 48" wingspan. An AXI 2810/10 motor is recommended to power the 4 1/4 lb. airplane.

Jamera Modelltechnik has a rc Stearman made from balsa and plywood with a 77" wingspan and a 61" length. The 11 1/4 lb. rc Stearman can be powered by either a motor or engine.

RC Universe shows a Kyosho rc Stearman with a 49" wingspan and 39" lengthEngines are from .40 to .59 and weight is around 5 1/2 lbs.

Flair Models has the rc Stearman in a kitIt is giant scale with a wingspan of 89" and length is 69"It is made entirely from wood, needs 1.50 two cycle or 1.80 four cycle engines, and weighs about 24 lbs.

The AMA Plans Service has plans by Miniature Aircraft no. 21258 for a 45" wingspan rc Stearman.

Kit Cutters has the rc Stearman from Scale Plans in two sizes. Wingspans are either 96 1/2" or 64".

Kit Cutters also has the rc Stearman plans from Flying Scale Models. It has a wingspan of 58". Recommended power can come from .52 to .60 four cycle engines or a Speed 700 size electric motor.  It is also available as a kit.

A 76" wingspan rc Stearman is available from Kit Cutters. It is from Jerry Bates Plans. To power it you can use from .90 to 1.08 two cycle engines or a 1.20 four cycle engine. All up weight is from 12 to 18 lbs.

Nick Ziroli has a 87" wingspan rc Stearman with a 68" fuselage. To power it you will need a Zenoah G62 engine. All up weight can be from 32 to 35 lbs.

We found a General Hobby rc Stearman on eBay. Its wingspan is 44", construction is balsawood and ply, weight is 88 oz. and engines can be from .52 to .70.

If you have built a rc Stearman and would like to show it off here, please email us.