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(Radio Control Airplanes Boeing 747)

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Boeing 747-8 Specifications

    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    First flight (747-8):
4- 66,500 lbs. ea.
272,900 lbs.
975,000 lbs.
250 ft. 2 in.
224 ft. 7 in.
467 (typical)
385,350 lbs.
570 mph
614 mph
43,000 feet
8,825 miles

NitroPlanes RC 747 under the name Air Force One
RC 747

The NitroPlanes RC 747 under the name Air Force One.

The Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet was the world's largest passenger jet from 1970 to 2005. It measures the longest from nose to tail and is the fastest mass produced operating jet liner.

RC 747 built by Peter Michel
RC 747

The magnificent RC 747 built by Peter Michel has a wingspan of 177 inches and a weight of about 132 lbs. Powering it are four Sky-Pipe N80 engines.

The latest Boeing 747 aircraft have drag reducing winglets and an upgraded flight deck. They are the world's fastest airliners, with a Mach .855 cruising speed.

RC 747 by Estes done in Air Force One colors
RC 747

The RC 747 by Estes done in Air Force One colors uses 2-channel controls, steering by differential thrust to the four engines. Wingspan is 43 inches and power is by 4 unspecified type EDF engines. The Estes website no longer shows the model for sale.

We have seen a number of conversions of the Estes rc 747 to four or more channel control. RC modelers have added scale landing gear and different color schemes for realism.

The Boeing 747 Freightliner has twice the cargo capacity and double the range of other cargo carrying aircraft. The Boeing 747 Freightliner fleet handles over one half of all the air cargo shipped around the world.

Art Neuenschwander's scratch built RC 747
RC 747

Art Neuenschwander's scratch built rc 747 has a wingspan of 97 inches and a length of 112 inches. Construction is balsa and plywood. The scale rc model airplane is propelled by four O.S. .61 engines turning 12 inch propellers and weighs 42 lbs.

The Boeing 747 is fully digitized with all the flight deck information displayed on CRT's. All major aircraft systems have double redundancy. New avionics are able to lower the crew work load by 50%. Switches and instruments on newer models are less than half of those on prior ones.

RC 747 from Parkjets
RC 747

Tom McElhinney wrote to tell us about plans for the RC 747. The larger can be found at Parkjets Plans. It has a wingspan of 51 inches and a length of 61 inches. Power comes from four 55 mm GWS fan units.

The smaller RC 747 can be found in a posting to RC Groups from Brett. It is made from Depron. Wingspan is 33 inches and length is 31 1/2 inches. Four GWS 30 mm fans are used for power.

Thank you very much for the rc 747 information Tom.

An automatic hands-free radar system on the Boeing 747 model 8 will have a range of about 370 miles and be able to inform the crew of real time weather conditions, including atmospheric hazards. Previous systems could only provide a measure of relative humidity.

RC 747 by Thijs Versloot
RC 747

We received the following email: "Here is my favorite RC 747 model 400 from Air France. It's made by me. The span is 4.20 meter and has a weight of 26 kilogram. (about 14 feet and 57 lbs.)
Best regards / met vriendelijke groet,
Thijs Versloot - The Netherlands"
Thank you very much Thijs.

Wing length of the Boeing 747 Model 8 has been increased by about 15 feet over prior models and the wings incorporate six foot winglets. Although the wings are longer, high strength alloys keeps their weight down to less than previous models.

RC 747

We found a RC 747 from Hobby Flite on eBay. It is a ARF foamy with a 48 inch wingspan and a length of 47". You can fly it with rudder and elevator controls on the slope, or add a Speed 400 size pusher prop. It should weigh about 17 oz. as a slope soarer, and 26 oz. with motor, controller, and battery.

Bill M. Wu (bill@freshintl.com) wrote: "I would like to find a large scale rc 747 for sale. The rc 747 can be either the model 100 or model 200. Do you know where I can get one?"
If you can help, please answer Bill directly. Thank you.

New brakes for the sixteen main landing gears on the newest Boeing 747 models saves about 1,800 lbs. over other landing gear systems by using structural carbon.

Bargain Bloodhound has a RC 747 for sale. It is a toy that uses a two channel radio to provide differential thrust to its motors for turning. There is no elevator or rudder control.

The new GE engines of the Boeing 747 are quieter, have less emissions, and have better fuel economy than prior engines.

Looking for a rc 747 flight simulator? Check out the one at Sport's Pilot Shop.

A total of over 1,400 Boeing 747 aircraft of all types have been produced.

At Watt Flyer, Joe 1320 is showing his 747 for sale. It is made from EPP with a 40" wingspan.

Elizabeth posted to Yahoo Answers that she seeks a rc 747 for sale from Nikko. Hopefully someone will tell her about its quality issues.

At RC Groups shschon posted a picture and video of his rc 747 for sale.

If you have a favorite rc 747, let us know.