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Canadair 415

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   Canadian$ Cost:
   Primary Function:
   Weight Empty:
   Max. Takeoff:
   Takeoff Distance:
   Landing Distance:
   Cruise Speed:
   Max. Speed:
   Climb Rate:
   First Flight:
   Year Deployed:
$35 million
air tanker
2- T 2,380 shp. ea.
65 ft. 1 in
93 ft. 10 in.
28,290 lbs.
43,760 lbs.
1,620 gallons
2,730 feet
2,210 feet
172 mph
234 mph
1,380 fpm (loaded)
14,700 feet
1,520 miles

Canadair 415
Canadair 415

The Canadair 415, now produced by Bombardier, is known as the "Superscooper."

That term is derived from the fact that the Canadair 415 can scoop its load from a body of water in only twelve seconds. The Canadair 415 is used throughout the world for fighting blazes. It is known for its toughness and reliability. The aircraft can operate with a crew of only two pilots. It is of all metal construction for toughness. It can maneuver through tight areas such as mountain passes and canyons, and is able to make steep descents into relatively small waterways.

The Canadair 415 can drop both water and fire fighting foam. It has the ability to deliver large amounts of foam on a blaze without having to land to refill its tanks.  Foam reduces the heat and height of the blaze, as well as smoke. It takes less than seven gallons of foam mixed with a full water load to provide outstanding suppression. That can quickly stop the blaze from getting out of control.

The Canadair 415 can be ready to fly in as little as five minutes after the crew boards the aircraft. It is capable of scooping over 1,600 gallons of water in about 12 seconds in a high speed pass in a 4,400 foot long by 300 foot wide body of water. The aircraft is actually on the water for a distance of about 1,350 feet, traveling at a speed of around 85 mph. The remaining distance is used for setting down on the water and getting back up again. Water drops are made at about 130 feet above the highest obsticales, at a speed of about 125 mph.

The Canadair 415 generally drops its load directly onto the blaze. That allows ground crews to approach the blaze area more closely to extinguish it. Land based fixed-wing aircraft generally drop retardant before the blaze so that it continues to spread until hitting the drop area.

Most recent Canadair 415 models are equipped with surveillance suite equipment. In addition to dropping water, they are used as transport aircraft, for environmental research and control, by police agencies, and for Search and Rescue (SAR) missions.

Canadair 415
Canadair 415

The Canadair 415 from Guanli Models, built by Giuseppe Chironi, pictured above, has a 55" wingspan and 38" length.

Canadair 415

The NitroPlanes Canadair 415 has a wingspan of 80.7". It can be powered by .50 to .60 two cycle engines.

General Hobby has a Canadair 415 that is 58" long. It needs .52 two cycle engines and weighs around 11 lbs.

Canadair 415

Aero-naut's Canadair 415 comes in a kit. Its wingspan is 59" and it is 41" long. It needs your geared 400/800 size electric motors.

Canadair 415

The Canadair 415 by Nibbo of RCGroups is made from Depron and has a wingspan of 50".

Canadair 415

The great looking Canadair 415 was built by Mike Roach from 3-view drawings. It is made from balsawood and plywood with a 72" wingspan and a weight of about 4 1/2 lbs. Power comes from Hyperion Z2213-24 motors.

MR Aerodesign has the Canadair 415 as a kit or plans. Wingspan is 80" and length is 59". Engines can be .46 2C or .70 4C.

Also available from MR Aerodesign is a Canadair 415 short kit with a 120" wingspan. Plans are also available separately.

Canadair 415 plans are published in Model Airplane News.

Flying Model plans has a Canadair 415 with a 64 1/2" wingspan.

RT Models has a Candair 415. It has a 72" w/s and is powered by 2 geared speed 600 motors or 2 glow 0.15 engines.

Badel Metalmodel has an all aluminum Canadair 415. It is available either as a kit or RTF. Wingspan is 99" and length is 69". It can be powered by OS 1.20 engines.

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