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    Primary Function:
    Engine type:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Max. Fuel:
    Max. Speed:
    Climb Rate:
    Max. Range:
    First Flight:
    Year deployed:
Continental IO-520
2 x 285 hp ea.
3.260 lbs.
5,600 lbs.
1,242 lbs.
32 ft.
36 ft. 11 in.
190 mph
238 mph
1,665 fpm
19,750 feet
1,765 miles

RC Cessna 310
RC Cessna 310
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One rc Cessna 310 made by Dynam has a 50 1/2" wingspan, a 43" length, and about 42 oz. weight, including twin 30 Amp motors and controllers.

When it first took to the sky in 1953, the Cessna 310 set the standard for the light twin aircraft market. The USAF even purchased 196 of the aircraft for light utility use.

RC Cessna 310
RC Cessna 310

We received the following email with the picture above from Raffaele Oberti at Gruppo Aereomodellistico Colibri Bergamo:
Vi segnalo questa bellissima riproduzione rc degna di figurare tra le vostre segnalazioni di questo aereo.
Apertura alare cm 220
Peso 7, 5 kg
Motori OS 70 (11cc) surpass

RC Cessna 310
RC Cessna 310

The rc Cessna 310 by NitroPlanes has a wingspan of 50 1/2", and is 43" long. Included are brushless motors, ESC, and servos.

RC Cessna 310
RC Cessna 310

The rc Cessna 310 from Top Flite has a glass fiber fuse. Its wingspan is 81" and length is 66". Power can come from a pair of .46 two cycle engines. Weight will be around 18 lbs.

RC Cessna 310
RC Cessna 310

The rc Cessna 310 by Model Aero is a profile model. It has a 32" wingspan and is 25" long. Weight is about 11 oz.

RC Cessna 310
RC Cessna 310

The rc Cessna 310 by Easy Tiger has a 125" wingspan. It uses 1.40 or 26 cc engines. The fuse is glass fiber and wings are built up wood.

RC Cessna 310
RC Cessna 310

Wendell Hostetler has plans for the rc Cessna 310. Wingspan is 115" and it is 99.7" long. It can be powered with from 1.8 to 3.0 engines. Weight is about 34 lbs.

RC Cessna 310

Luoyang Aeromodelling makes a rc Cessna 310 that is all wood. Its wingspan is 92 1/2" and it is 77" long with a weight of about 11 lbs. Engines can be .61 two strokes or .91 four strokes.

The rc Cessna 310 from Bud Nosen has a 10 foot wingspan, with engines from .40 to .99 two stroke.

Huayu Hobby's rc Cessna 310 wingspan is 46" and length is 31". Included are a pair of brushless motors.

The larger rc Cessna 310 from Huayu Hobby is a giant scale.  Wingspan is 126", length is 85", and engines should be at least 1.40 two stroke.

The rc Cessna 310 from Raidentech has a 92.5" wingspan and comes as ARF.

Fly-Model's rc Cessna 310 is 77" long and weighs about 11 lbs. It is available as a kit, ARF, or RTF.

Senye has the rc Cessna 310. Its wingspan is 93" with a 77" length,. Engines can be from .70 to .90 two stroke or from .90 to 1.20 two stroke. Ready to fly weight is around 12 lbs.

JFC Hobby's rc Cessna 310 has a 126" wingspan, and a length of 85 1/2". It needs 1.40 size engine power.

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