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        Primary Function:
        Engines (typical):
        Weight Empty:
        Max. Weight:
        Max. G's:
        Cruise Speed:
        Max. Speed:
        Climb Rate:
        First flight:
2 x 9 hp. ea.
139 lbs.
375 lbs.
12 ft. 10 in.
16 ft. 0 in.
+9G, -4.5G
115 mph
155 mph
600 fpm
3,400 feet
465 miles

Cri Cri for sale
Cri Cri For Sale

The Cri Cri for sale by Colomban is the world's smallest twin engine aircraft. It is in the Guinness Book of World Records. It was designed by Michel Colomban, who sells the plans for the aircraft.

Cri Cri For Sale Hobby King
Cri Cri For Sale

The Cri Cri for sale by HobbyKing has a 70 in. wingspan and is 55 in. long. It features all wood constructions and comes ARF. It needs your .25 2C electric motor equivalents and electronics. Weight is around 6 3/4 lbs.

Powered by jet engines the Cri Cri for sale cruises at approximately 150 mph vs. 115 mph for the propeller driven version.

Pilots report that flying the Cri Cri is a very pleasant experience. It is extremely aerobatic and can be ready to fly with as little as three minutes preparation.

Cri Cri For Sale Nitro
Cri Cri For Sale

Pictured above is the Cri Cri for sale by NitroPlanes. It has a 46 1/2 in. wingspan, a 37 1/2 in. length, and Speed 380 motors. Weight is about 2 lbs. 4 oz.

The twin engine home built aircraft have excellent maneuverability and are capable of performing superior aerobatics. Although normally powered by piston engines, they have been equipped with jet engines.

It is interesting to note that Guinness has honored the original Cri Cri for sale by Colomban as the world's smallest twin engine airplane. However, the jet-powered version of the plane is apparently ineligible for the world's smallest jet record due to Guinness's rules on the subject.

Cri Cri For Sale GWS
Cri Cri For Sale from GWS.

Mr. Lin of GWS tells us that they are working on a Cri Cri for sale. GWS started the project over 8 years ago, however, the designer passed away. The project has been recently revived. The picture just above is of the original GWS Cri Cri for sale.

The Cri Cri fuselage is of all metal construction. Maximum weight of the fuselage alone is about 31 lbs. The only instruments installed in the prototype were a tachometer and an altimeter. Control of the aircraft flight surfaces is by the usual stick and two pedals.

The engines of the Cri Cri are installed on two fuselage pylons and are very close to the aircraft centerline. Should one engine quit in flight this compensates for a difference in thrust and the aircraft will be controllable.

Cri Cri For Sale Vergara
Cri Cri For Sale

The Cri Cri for sale by Sergio Vergara is of all foam construction and has a wingspan of 34 in. Power is by 2 x speed 300 motors driving Vasa 55 mm ducted fans.

The airplane utilizes a floating "T" elevator with the same airfoil profile as the main wings. Total elevator weight is only about 4 1/2 lbs.

The Cri Cri can accommodate a number of different engines. Common are engines from lawn mowers, motorcycles, and also from larger radio control airplanes.

The average propeller size used by the Cri Cri is about 28 inches. Each engine generally produces between 9 hp and 15 hp.

Cri Cri For Sale Welcome
Cri Cri For Sale

We received the following email from George Welcome:

"Here is the Cri Cri that I fly. It has been featured in the Annual Joe Nall video and was in 6 magazines in 2007. The builder is Tom Czenthe of Port Saint John, Fl. In 2006 he also built a small electric Cri Cri for sale. They both fly great. The one pictured has 2 Ryobi 31cc engines, has a 110 in. wingspan and weighs 26 lbs. She will fly on one engine."

Some 170 Cri Cri aircraft have been registered around the world. About 120 are registered in their native France with some 30 more registered in the United States.

At RC Universe arp67 has a Cri Cri for sale.

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