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RC Rafale
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        Primary Function:
        Weight Empty:
        Max. Weight:
        Cruise Speed:
        Max. Speed:
        Climb Rate:
        First Flight:
        Year Deployed:
multirole fighter
one or two
2- 19,560 lbs ea.
50 ft. 2 in.
35 ft. 9 in.
20,000 lbs.
47,400 lbs.
1- 30 mm
13,230 lbs.
630 mph
1,320 mph
60,000 fpm
66,600 feet
1,940 miles

RC Rafale
RC Rafale

The Rafale was developed by Dassault. As of this writing it is the most advanced French fighter aircraft.

Rafale aircraft saw action over Libya where they engage ground targets and provided reconnaissance.

The Rafale is the winner of the Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft Competition resulting in the sale of 36 of the aircraft to India.

RC Rafale
RC Rafale

The pictures above and below are for the rc Rafale from NitroPlanes. There are two paint schemes available, tiger and navy. Wingspan is 26", length is 39", and power comes from a brushless motor turning a 64 mm ducted fan unitIncluded are a radio, speed controller, batteries and charger.

RC Rafale
RC Rafale profile view.

RC Rafale
RC Rafale - Airplane Girl

RC Rafale
RC Rafale

The Aeroloft Designs rc Rafale has a 50" wingspan and 70" length. Construction features a gel coated epoxy glass fuselage and foam wings. You can power it with an OS MG 1891 DF engine and a 2023 Ramtec fan unit. All up weight should be between 14 and 15 lbs.

RC Rafale
RC Rafale

Bob Violet Models also has a rc Rafale. Pictured above is the spectacular radio control airplane built by Terry Nitsch from a BVM kit.

BVM has the rc Rafale in two models, for single or twin turbine engines shown next below. Both have a length of 86" and a wing span of 64". If you chose single turbine power, BVM recommends one putting out 45 lbs. of thrust. For a rc Rafale with twin turbines, recommended thrust is 35 lbs. each.  Weigh should be 35 lbs. to 40 lbs. all up.

RC Rafale
RC Rafale

The Fei Bao Jets rc Rafale has a 57" wingspan and 81" length. Power can come from a single 22 lb. thrust turbine. All up weight should be between 20 and 24 lbs.

RC Rafale
RC Rafale

The rc Rafale from Philip Avonds has a fuselage made from epoxy, with balsa sheeted foam wings. Length is 70" and wingspan is 50". Weight is around 16 lbs. Turbines can put out from 12 to 17 lbs. of thrust.

There are two sets of plans for the rc Rafale at Parkjets.com. Both are foamy pusher props. One has a length of 29.5" and a wing span of 21". A larger design rc Rafale from Ray Steel has a wingspan of 26.5" and a length of 32". Steel recommends a Hacker A20-20L motor and 9 x 6 pusher propeller for power.

Aero-naut Modellbau has a rc Rafale for twin EDF units. It features a glass fuselage that is 53" long, and wings with a 37" span. For power Aero-naut recommends Kontronic Tango 45-07 or 45-08 motors. The rc Rafale is recommended for advanced rc pilots.

HET-RC has a rc Rafale. It has a wingspan of 33 1/2" and a length of 42". Construction materials are a fiberglass fuse and balsa over foam wings. You will need a pair of Typhoon motors turning mini fans to power the 4 1/2 lb. model.

The latest rc Rafale from Hobby King has a wingspan of 26". It comes RTF including a motor, fan unit, and flight battery.

Hobby King has a profile scale rc Rafale with a 25" wingspan and a a 34" length. Included is a motor turning a 64 mm EDF unit.

RC Lande has a foamy rc Rafale. The RTF (ready to fly) rc Rafale has a wingspan of 32 1/2" and length is 43". You will need to provide the motor and 70 mm EDF unit. Weight is around 4 lbs.

ICARE has a rc Rafale. It comes in your choice of fiberglass or Kevlar. Wingspan is 52", length is 40", and weight is around 7 lbs. You can power it with either a single turbo fan 4000 or two turbo fan 1,000 EDF units.

Ducted Fans.com has two models of the rc Rafale.

The smaller rc Rafale has a wingspan of 41" and a length of 53". You will need a turbo fan 400 to turn the 120 mm EDF unit.

The larger rc Rafale from Ducted Fans.com has a 48" wingspan and is 71" long. A 20 lb. thrust turbine is suggested to power the 12 lb. rc scale model.

Aviation Design has a rc Rafale with a 63" wingspan and a 89" length. The fuse is made from epoxy and the wings are all molded. From 26 to 35 lb. turbines will be needed to power the approximately 28 lb. model.

Christen Diffusion sells the rc Rafale in two models.

There is a 48" wingspan, 71" long fuselage rc Rafale. It weighs around 17 1/2 lbs. From 15 to 19 lb. thrust turbines are recommended for power.

The Christen Diffusion 62" wingspan rc Rafale has a length of 89". It weighs about 39 lbs. and uses from 27 to 36 lb. thrust turbines.

If there is a rc Rafale that you would like to tell us about, please email us.