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DC-3 For Sale
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       Primary Function:
       Weight Empty:
       Max. Weight:
       Max. Cruise:
       Initial Climb:
       First Flight:
       Year Deployed:
21 to 28
Wright Cyclone
2 x 1,200 hp. ea.
64 ft. 6 in.
95 ft.
18,300 lbs.
26,900 lbs.
4,500 lbs.
192 mph
1,100 fpm
21,000 feet
1,500 miles

DC-3 For Sale Sturla
DC-3 For Sale

Sturla's Design (rcsturla.com) has plans of his DC-3 for sale. They build to a 119 in. wingspan and 97 in. length. Power can come from 25 cc engines and weight should be around 36 lbs.

We received the following email from Sturla Design:
"I have finished designing DC-3 plans for sale. I, of course, built the DC-3 along with the design and have already flown it 15 times this summer. The reason I wanted to design the DC-3 for sale is that I could not find true scale plans anywhere. There is a real DC-3 here in Iceland that I had access to during the design process. I have flown in it as well, and I just love flying my scale DC-3 because it flies just like the real thing. I have the landing gear, cowls with oil cooling as well as the nose all for sale."
Thank you for bringing us the latest news on your DC-3 for sale Sturla.

It was the introduction of the DC-3 for sale by Douglas, that initially made American Airlines more successful than its competitors.

DC-3 for sale
DC-3 For Sale

The DC-3 for sale from HobbyKing has a 66 in. wingspan, is 43 in. long, and weighs around 3 3/4 lbs. all up. Included with the EPO foamy ARF are 950 Kv motors with speed controllers, retracts, flaps, navigation and landing lights. A nice touch in order to counter the torque of twin motors is having counter-rotating motors and props. There are decals for two airline color schemes.

DC-3 For Sale GAD
DC-3 For Sale

The DC-3 for sale from Green Air Designs is a foamy kit with a 60 in. wingspan that is 43 in. long. You will need 1500 kV motors for power. Weight is around 3 3/4 lbs.

The DC-3 was the first twin engine aircraft able to earn a profit without the need to haul freight.

DC-3 For Sale ZD
DC-3 For Sale

The DC-3 for sale from ZD Fly has a 74 in. wingspan and a 51 in. length. It is a RTF foamy that comes with servos, brushless motors, controllers, and landing gear. It just needs your flight battery and radio.

It is estimated that in the years just prior to the start of World War II, the DC-3 made all but five percent of the total commercial airline flights throughout the world.

DC-3 for sale
DC-3 For Sale

The DC-3 for sale from Nitroplanes has a 58 in. wingspan and is 38 1/2 in. long. Power comes from Speed 400 size brushless motors. Weight is around 2 3/4 lbs. NitroPlanes calls their airplane a "Skybus". It is available in a number of configurations, as a kit, ARF, or RTF.

A total of 455 DC-3 aircraft were used by commercial airlines and an additional 15,000 were sold by Douglas to the military.

DC-3 for sale
DC-3 For Sale

The DC-3 for sale from Nick Ziroli plans was built by Carl Bachhuber. Wingspan is 140 in. and length is 97 in. Weight is around 43 lbs. Carl uses G-38's to power it.

DC-3 for sale
DC-3 For Sale

Fred Sanford is pictured holding his DC-3 for sale from Great Planes. The ARF has a 59 in. wingspan and is driven by a pair of Speed 400 motors. All up weight is about 3 lbs. Great Planes has discontinued producing the DC-3, but some are still around.

DC-3 for sale
DC-3 For Sale

David Ramsey is pictured with his DC-3 for sale from Polk Hobbies. Its wingspan is 72 in. and length is 48 in. The is molded and wings are built-up balsa. A pair of Speed 600 motors powers it. Polk no longer makes the DC-3 and they are becoming more difficult to find.

DC-3 for sale
DC-3 For Sale

There are plans by Tony Nijhuis Designs of the DC-3 for sale. It is made for electric motor power only and has a wingspan of 72 in. with a 50 in. length and weighs around 7 lbs. A short kit of the DC-3 for sale is also available.

DC-3 for sale
DC-3 For Sale

The Dave Johnson DC-3 for sale was built from enlarge Ziroli plans. It has a 21 1/2 ft. wingspan with a 14 3/4 ft. length and weighs about 120 lbs. Dave uses Zenoah 62 engines for power.

ESM Models has a DC-3 for sale. It has a 104 in. wingspan and a 70 1/2 in. length, with a weight of about 20 lbs. You will need .91 4C engines for power.

The Air Age Store has plans for the DC-3 for sale from MAN. They build to a 94 in. wingspan and a 49 in length. From .50 to .60 2C engines can power it.

There are drawings of the DC-3 for sale at the Aerofred.com website.

The AMA Plans Service has plans from MAN for a DC-3 for sale with a 93 in. wingspan. Plan no. is 50049.

RC Store has plans for a 75 in. wingspan DC-3 for sale. Its length is 63 in. and power can come from a pair of .25 two cycle engines.

Kit Cutters has a kit of the DC-3 for sale with a 140 in. wingspan made from Nick Ziroli plans. From 35 to 45 cc gas engines are recommended. Weight can be from 39 to 46 lbs.

Cleveland Model has plans for the DC-3 for sale with wingspans of 35 1/2 in., 47 in., 71 in., and giant scale 95 in., 142 in., 189 in. and 284 in.

HK Industries shows a DC-3 for sale made from what appears to be EPP foam.

The Top Flite DC-3 for sale has a wingspan of 82 1/2 in. and length of 55 1/2 in. Building materials in the kit are balsa and plywood. Engines are .25 to .40 two cycle, and weight is around 10 lbs.

KMP has a DC-3 for sale with a 104 in. wingspan that uses .91 four cycle engines or equivalent electric motors for power. The ARF has a fiberglass fuselage with either built-up or optional fiberglass wings. It comes in civilian or military markings.

Grand Wing System - GWS - has a DC-3 for sale with a wingspan of 47 in. and a length of 32 in. The ARF uses a GWS EDP 300H power system and weighs around 18 oz.

There is retractable under carriage for a DC-3 for sale by KT4JH of RCUniverse.

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