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AS 365 Dauphin

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    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Max. Speed:
    Climb Rate:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
one or two
Turbomeca Arriel
2x 838 shp ea.
45 ft. 4 in.
13 ft. 1 in.
39 ft. 2 in.
5,315 lbs.
9,480 lbs.
190 mph
1,800 fpm
19,250 feet
515 miles

AS 365 Dauphin
AS 365 Dauphin

The AS 365 Dauphin is a twin engine, Fenstron equipped, utility helicopter that serves in a multitude of capacities around the world.

The United States Coast Guard operates AS 365 Dauphin helicopters around the country. They are specially equipped with an infra-red search system, all weather avionics, a 2,640 lb. capacity winch over the starboard door, a searchlight, first aid gear, and a stretcher. In the event of a water ditching, they are equipped with pop out inflatable flotation gear.

AS 365 Dauphin
AS 365 Dauphin - Vario

Vario's AS 365 Dauphin is for XTreme mechanics. The 18 piece fuselage kit builds to a length of 66", a 12" width, and 19" height. You will need an 11.5 cc engine geared to turn a 63" rotor. Weight is around 17 1/2 lbs.

AS 365 Dauphin
AS 365 Dauphin - Hirobo

Pictured above and below is the AS 365 Dauphin from Hirobo. Fuselage length is 58 1/2", width is 12 1/2", height is 19" and rotor diameter is 61". For power it needs from .61 to .90 engines. Retractable landing gear are included. Ready to fly weight should be about 13 1/4 lbs.

AS 365 Dauphin
AS 365 Dauphin - USCG

AS 365 Dauphin
AS 365 Dauphin - XHeli

The pictures above and below are of the AS 365 Dauphin from XHeli. It is 17" long with a rotor diameter of 13". Two Speed 180 size motors power it. Included is a radio, receiver, servos, batteries and chargers.

AS 365 Dauphin
AS 365 Dauphin - XHeli (red)

There is an AS 365 Dauphin by Syma shown on Amazon. It has co-axial rotors with 3 CH control, and comes RTF, including radio.

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