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F-14 Tomcat For Sale performing at air show
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        Primary Function:
        1998 US$ Cost
        Weight Empty:
        Max. Weight:
        Fuel, Internal:
        Fuel External:
        Wingspan Open:
        Wingspan Swept:
        Cruise Speed:
        Max. Speed:
        Climb Rate:
        Year Deployed:
$38 million
GE F110_GE400
2- 27,800 lbs.ea.
40,100 lbs.
74,350 lbs.
14,500 lbs.
17,340 lbs.
4,070 lbs.
61 ft. 9 in.
64 ft. 0 in.
38 ft. 0 in.
1- 20 mm
610 mph
1,585 mph
45,000 fpm
55,000 feet
1,842 miles

The F-14 Tomcat for sale by Grumman was the fastest ever United States Navy fighter aircraft. It was used for air superiority, as an interceptor, and most recently, a ground attack aircraft. The Tomcat will always be remembered as an uncompromising, honest aircraft to those who flew it.

Originally the F-14 Tomcat carried up to six 120 mile range AIM-54 Phoenix missiles. As a cost savings measure these were removed on 9/30/04. It was the only aircraft to carry the missile.

Avionics of the F-14 Tomcat were capable of supporting all air-to-air combat and ground support missions. Computers monitored and provided real time information on weapons, navigation, and control systems, while a triple redundant GPS Navigator gave pin point position accuracy.

The most up to date radar of the F-14 Tomcat proved extreme reliability under adverse conditions. It enabled high resolution tracking of BVR targets with no lag time, even at closing speeds up to Mach 4.0. ECM and anti-jamming technology tied in to the weapons systems and navigation controls detecting threats and avoiding them.

The F-14 Tomcat was equipped with LANTIRN - Low Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared for Night. It enabled all weather, day or night missions against ground targets.

Some feel that by many standards the 1970's F-14 Tomcat is still superior to the present day aircraft of many air forces. They argue as to whether the aircraft that have replaced it will be able to deliver the quantity of stores over similar ranges with the same precision. However, specifications show that they can, at least on paper.

The F-14 Tomcat retired from use by the United States Navy on September 22, 2006.

F-14 Tomcat For Sale

Pictured above is the F-14 Tomcat for sale from NitroPlanes. Its wings are adjustable during flight. Wingspan is 39 in. and it is 38 1/2 in. long. Weight is about 39 oz. It is available as a ARF or RTF.

In the picture immediately below is the 77 in. wingspan F-14 Tomcat for sale from Jet Mart USA. It is turbine powered and has an all up weight of about 19 lbs.

The second picture below is of Matt Halton's F-14 Tomcat for sale with twin pusher prop power built from his plans. Swept wingspan is 23 in. It can also be powered by 2 x Mini 480 EDF's.

The third airplane shown below is of the 1/10 scale F-14 Tomcat for sale from DCU. It is powered by two ducted fans and weighs about 23 lbs.

The next picture on this page is of the fantastic F-14 Tomcat for sale from Yellow Aircraft. It is 1/9 giant scale with an 88 in. wingspan, and 83 in. length. It can be powered by a pair of .82 or larger ducted fan engines driving 5 1/4 in. fans. Weight is about 30 lbs.

Jet Hangar International has a 57 in. wingspan F-14 Tomcat for sale pictured last on this page. It is 48 in. long, made from balsa and ply with sheeted foam core wings which are movable and have provisions for retracts. You will need a pair of 69 mm EDF units for power.

F-14 Tomcat For Sale

F-14 Tomcat For Sale.

F-14 Tomcat For Sale

F-14 Tomcat For Sale

F-14 Tomcat For Sale

F-14 Tomcat For Sale - Airplane Girl.

At RCGroups jetset 44 has a build thread for a F-14 Tomcat for sale. It has a 41 in. wingspan and 40 in. length with a weight of about 1 1/2 lbs. Power comes from a geared Speed 400 size motor turning a pusher prop.

Starmax Technology Industry Ltd., China has a F-14 Tomcat for sale with a 43 in. wingspan. Included are retractable landing gear and motors driving 60 mm EDF units. Weight is about 48 oz.

Starmax has a 48 in. wingspan F-14 Tomcat for sale. Its length is 49 in. EDF's are 70 mm.

Air Power, Taiwan has a F-14 Tomcat for sale. It has a 48 in. wingspan with a 47 in. length. Included are motors turning 70 mm EDF units.

You can find F-14 Tomcat plans for sale at iOffer.com. It is all wood with a 80 in. wingspan for ducted fans or turbines.

Amax Industrial Group, China has a F-14 Tomcat for sale with a 44 in. wingspan and motors turning 60 mm EDF's.

Shenzhen Model-Fans Electronics Co., Ltd., China has a F-14 Tomcat for sale . Its wingspan is 39 in. and length is 38 1/2 in. Weight is about 39 oz.

Hobby Models & Toys Co., Ltd., Hong Kong has a F-14 Tomcat for sale with a 48 1/2 in. wingspan and 43 in. length. Included are retracts and motors turning 60 mm EDF's.

You can find plans for twoF-14 Tomcat airplanes including one with variable swept wings at Parkjets.com. They are powered by a pusher prop or EDF's.

Jets Over Baguio, Philippines, has a F-14 Tomcat for sale. It is a profile model ARF foamy with a 22 in. wingspan.

Fly Eagle Jet Model Factory, China has a F-14 Tomcat for sale. Its wingspan is 103 in. and length is 100 in. Features include motorized swing wings, retracts with doors, and spoilers. You will need a pair of 21 lb. thrust turbines for power.

Hobby barn has Philip Avonds plans for a F-14 Tomcat for sale . Its wingspan is 80 in. The plans show a pair of .65 to .90 DF engines powering the model.

Green Air Designs has a F-14 Tomcat for sale. The pusher prop has a wingspan of 28 in. and length of 32 in. A Mega 16/15/4 is the suggested motor. Weight is around 1 1/2 lbs.

EPF Hobby also has a 47 in. wingspan F-14 Tomcat kit for sale. It can be either EDF or pusher prop powered.

AeroToy Shop, Australia has a F-14 Tomcat for sale that includes 64 mm fan units. No information is given on wingspan, length, or types of motors.

Oakdale Aircraft has a larger version F-14 Tomcat for sale. It has a 58.5 in. wingspan and is powered by two mini 480 motors.

Blitz has a F-14 Tomcat for sale. Its wingspan is 44 in. and length is 28 in. You will need a pair of 5000 Kv motors and 60 MM fan units.

FB Jets, China, has a F-14 Tomcat for sale. Its wingspan is 107.5 in. and length is 104 in. Retracts are included. Weight is about 27 lbs.

At one time Great Planes had a nice F-14 Tomcat for sale. Power was a .60 - .75 engine up front. Wingspan was 58 in. EBay sometimes has these for sale.

There are two channel F-14 Tomcat (ready to fly) models being sold by a number of toy stores. Typical wingspan is around 25 in. Almost all are made from very rigid foam and plastic that cracks and breaks easily. They have no ailerons or elevators and are difficult to turn and fly, especially in a breeze. Their price also varies greatly from store to store. We suggest that you buy a three or more channel model to avoid the frustration one of these airplanes can give you.

Karl Meister wrote to us about his F-14 Tomcat for sale from Jet Hangar International. He tells us that it is a high end kit. It arrived at his home safe and sound in a well packed box. The assembly went quickly thanks to well written instructions. Flying the F-14 Tomcat is a great experience. It is very quick and moves out strongly at full throttle with the Medusa motors and 69 mm EDF units he uses. Take offs happen quickly with the jet leaping to life when the throttle stick is advanced just slightly. Tracking is straight and true.  On its first flight the model got into the air at about 75% throttle after about a 150 foot roll. The first test of its flight characteristics was to throttle back, add up elevator, and observe its stall. It takes a while for the F-14 Tomcat to slow down, and once it does the tail will begin to rock back and forth a bit and the ailerons will stop being effective. With almost full up elevator, the right wing drops. However, adding throttle and gently pulling back on the elevator gets the plane flying again in short order. The model acted like it was a little tail heavy, and during its landing approach it rocked back and forth a bit. However, it sat down easily. When the c/g was checked out it turned out that the F-14 Tomcat balanced properly with the gear down. However, retracting the gear moved the c/g slightly rearward. For the next flight the c/g was adjusted with the gear retracted. With that taken care of, the jet flew great. On subsequent flights it was found that applying throttle more quickly resulted in lift offs of 120 feet or less. The F-14 Tomcat responds quickly to control inputs, while maintaining a solid flight attitude. A radar gun at the field recording one high speed pass of 133 mph. Vertical flight is unlimited and the F-14 Tomcat seems to gather speed when climbing. The roll rate is a bit on the slow side, with a full roll taking about 1 1/2 seconds. The only caution that Karl has for the F-14 Tomcat for sale by Jet Hangar International is to give the model lots of room when landing because it holds its speed very well.

There is a video of a giant scale F-14 Tomcat for sale at Bofunk.

At You Tube reo0102 posted a video of a F-14 Tomcat for sale.

At RCUniverse MNModels started a thread about a new F-14 Tomcat for sale.

Mazin of Watt Flyer posted about a F-14 Tomcat foamy for sale.

ParkJetsFyer of Watt Flyer posted about a new Depron F-14 Tomcat kit for sale.

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