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        Primary Function:
        Weight Empty:
        Max. Weight:
        Cruise Speed:
        Max. Speed:
        Initial Climb:
        First Flight:
        Year Deployed:
pilot + five
2 x 200 hp.
3,200 lbs.
4,500 lbs.
31 ft. 1 in.
40 ft. 0 in.
128 mph
155 mph
920 fpm
14,500 feet
800 miles

Grumman Widgeon For Sale (Widgeon Radio Control Airplanes For Sale)
Grumman Widgeon For Sale

The Grumman Widgeon for sale, designated the G-44, was the smallest sea plane that they manufactured. One first flew on July 22, 1940.

Grumman Widgeon For Sale Great Planes
Grumman Widgeon For Sale

The Grumman Widgeon for sale from Great Planes has a 51 in. wingspan and 36 in. length. The ARF has a glass fiber fuse and wooden b/u wings. Recommended for power are 950 kV motors. Weight is about 4 1/2 lbs.

Grumman Widgeon For Sale G & P
Grumman Widgeon For Sale

Pictured above and below is the magnificent Grumman Widgeon for sale by G & P sales, built by Al Franklin, flown by Doug Imes.

With the U.S. entry into World War II, the Grumman Widgeon for sale was purchased by the U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Navy for use in search and rescue, as utility transports and trainers. Eventually even the U.S. Army Air Corps utilized this small, robust aircraft, primarily for observation purposes. The Coast Guard designated the Grumman Widgeon the J4F4, the Navy designation was J4F-2, and the Army designated it as the OA-14.

Grumman Widgeon For Sale Franklin
Grumman Widgeon For Sale

G & P Sales has two sizes of the rc Grumman Widgeon for sale in kit form. The 1/4 scale kit has a wingspan of 120 in. It includes a fiberglass fuselage and foam core wings. For power you will need a pair of G38 or similar engines. All up weight is between 40 and 45 lbs.

G & P Sales has a smaller Grumman Widgeon for sale in kit. It contains a fiberglass fuselage, foam core wings, and all the wood necessary to complete the rc airplane. Wingspan is 81 in. Suggested power comes from .40 to .52 two cycle or .52 four cycle engines.

When the War ended, the Grumman Widgeon for sale continued in the civil aviation market.

Power for the original airplane was by two Ranger engines with a rated output of 200 hp each. A pair of fixed pitch propellers of wooden construction were originally chosen. The engine/propeller combination produced limited thrust and the propellers were quickly replaced by ones made from metal. Although the metal propellers helped produce a bit more thrust, by all accounts the original Grumman Widgeon was under powered. Its greatest virtue was robust construction, enabling it to withstand numerous landings in less than calm waters.

Grumman Widgeon For Sale C/L
Grumman Widgeon For Sale

Carl Laffert's rc Grumman Widgeon is built from modified C/L model plans. It is in USCG colors and is powered by a pair of Magnum .52 four cycle engines.

After World War II, lighter, more powerful engines became available to propel the Grumman Widgeon for sale. One of the most used engines was the Lycoming GO-480 producing 270 hp. When fitted to the Grumman Widgeon, the aircraft became a pleasure to fly.

Grumman Widgeon For Sale Mull
Grumman Widgeon For Sale

The Grumman Widgeon for sale pictured above is built by Chip Mull. It is powered by G-38 engines.

The sturdy sea plane became a favorite corporate aircraft for VIP transportation to areas needing a smaller transport.

Grumman Widgeon For Sale Rotorhead
Grumman Widgeon For Sale

The colorful Grumman Widgeon for sale built from drawings found on line by Rotorheid of RC Groups. Power comes from a pair of Manta Ray motors.

A total of 345 Grumman Widgeon aircraft were sold. It is estimated that about 35 are still flying throughout the world.

Grumman Widgeon for sale RCM
Grumman Widgeon For Sale

Kit Cutters has the Grumman Widgeon for sale as plans and a kit. It is from RC Modeler Magazine plans. Wingspan is 80 in. Recommended for power are .61 engines. The kit design is by Irwin Ohlsson.

Grumman Widgeon for sale Vintage
Grumman Widgeon For Sale

Kit Cutters has the Grumman Widgeon for sale as plans and a kit from Vintage RC. It too has a wingspan of 80 in. You will need engines from .45 to .60 to power it.

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