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    Primary Function:
    Rotor Diameter:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Anti Tank Missiles:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Climb Rate:
    Year Deployed:

2- 2,225 hp ea.
44 ft. 3 in.
17 ft. 9 in
2- 47 ft. 7 in. ea.
17,200 lbs.
22,900 lbs.
1- 30 mm
40- 3.2"
1,100 lbs.
170 mph
217 mph
1,980 fpm
18,000 feet
720 miles

Kamov 50
Kamov 50

Kamov 50 helicopters proved superior to their Russian competition, the Mil Mi-28, during testing to become the next attack helicopter for the Red Army. However, the collapse of the Soviet Union has kept funding at a minimum and thus far only a small number of the helicopters have been built. The two seat helicopter version is designated the Ka-52.

Kamov 50 helicopters utilize contra-rotating rotor blades on a single shaft that eliminates the need for a tail rotor. The helicopter is extremely aerobatic, capable of performing loops, rolls and all advanced aerobatic helicopter maneuvers. It is said to be more maneuverable than both the US AH-64 Apache and the Eurocopter Tiger. Its avionics, however, do not appear to be as sophisticated as either of its rivals.

In 2001 the Kamov 50, called Black Shark, began limited action in Chechyna, together with the more heavily used Mil Mi-24 helicopter. Even though far too few were deployed to have any significant impact, the Kamov Design Bureau considers its mission a success.

A pair of separately mounted engines spaced far apart in the helicopter reduce the chances of both engines being put out of action at the same time. The engines can continue running without oil for about thirty minutes. This gives the pilot the opportunity to land in a safe location in the event that the oil system is damaged. It also has numerous redundant systems allowing additional safety during its missions.

The cockpit armor can stop 12.7 mm armor piercing, as well as 23 mm fragments. The rotor blades are sufficiently strong to resist minor combat damage.

The Kamov 50 is the world's first operational helicopter with an ejection seat similar to the ones used in jet fighters.

A total of over 200 Kamov 50 and Kamov 52 helicopters have been produced to date.

Kamov 50
Kamov 50 - Webb

The Kamov 50 from Steve Webb is a clear PET fuselage kit that is 14" long, 2.6" high, and 3" wide.

Kamov 50
Kamov 50 - XHeli

There are several Kamov 50 helicopters from two channel to advanced multi channel.

In the picture immediately above is the Kamov 50 from XHeli. It has a total overall length of 17" and a width of 5.5". Power comes from a pair of 180 SH motors geared 8.625:1.

Kamov 50
Kamov 50 - NitroPlanes.

The Kamov 50 from NitroPlanes features 13 1/2" rotors, twin motor power, 18" length, and 7 1/2" height. It comes as RTF - ready to fly.

Kamov 50
Kamov 50 - Darth

The nice looking Kamov 50 above was built by Heli-boy of RC Groups from a Darth kit. Darth makes Kamov 50 kits to fit Blade CX, XRB, Drone CX, and similar mechanics.

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Kamov 50 - Causemann

The Kamov 50 built by Causemann is produced for Graupner Bell 47G mechanics.

Kamov 50
Kamov 50 - RC Expert

The Kamov 50 as a fuselage from RC Expert will fit Housefly, Esky Lama and Twister Bell mechanics.

Kamov 50
Kamov 50 - thesteelcube

At RC Groups thesteelcube posted pictures, a link to a video, and a description of his Kamov 50 using Blade mechanics.

Kamov 50
Kamov 50 - XRB

XRB has a 14.5" length Kamov 50 that is ready to fly with 180 ph motors.

The Meritline Kamov 50 includes a radio, charger, extra rotors, flight battery, and weighs around 7 oz.

Airsoft's Kamov 50 has 13" rotors and is 16" long. It comes as RTF.

The Kamov 50 from Jingji is 16" x 6" x 7" and weighs about 8.5 oz. Included is a radio and charger.

Fihu's Kamov 50 has 3 ch control and comes with lights to aid with night flying.

The RC Helicopter Store's Kamov 50 has a 16" length and comes with a gyroscope and 3 ch control.

China Topwin produces a Kamov 50 made from plastic that is 16" long and uses four channel control. Included is a flight battery, radio, and charger.

Shantou Toys Kamov 50 has 15" diameter rotors and comes ready to fly.

The Kamov 50 from Toy RC is 8" long with 7" rotors. It is RTF.

Amazon has the Kamov 50 and spare parts.

XHobbyStore has a Kamov 50 that comes ready to fly, including radio. It is 16" long, 6" wide, and 7" high.

XHeli carries a Kamov 50 fuselage ready installed on Dragonfly mechanics. It is 19" long and is powered by two 180 brushed motors. It comes ready to fly.

XHeli has a Kamov 50 that comes RTF with four channel control.

Zhehua has a Kamov 50. It features a 13" rotor and is powered by 180 motors.

Jinchuo has a Kamov 50 that comes ready to fly. It is 15" long and has three channel control.

RC Hover.com has a Kamov 500 fuselage that fits Blade CX, XRB and Housefly rc helicopters.

At RC Groups gromitvt10 is selling a Kamov 50 fuselage kit.

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