Kite Altitude Record

Kite Altitude Record Team
Kite Altitude Record Team with their kite.

We received the following email:

"Hello Aviation Trivia people. Thought you may be interested in this:

In 2014 our team flew a 12 sq. metre DT delta to 16,009 ft. above the launch point. The record has been ratified by Guinness World Records, The Australian Book Of Records, American Kitefliers Association and the Australian Kitefliers Society.

Kite Altitude Record Certificates
Kite Altitude Record Certificates

Links to the above can be found at: http://www.guinness worldrecords.com/world-records/highest-altitude-by-a- single-kite

http://www.theaustralianbookofrecords.com/r314-world_ altitude_record_for_a_kite-_16010_feet_above_the_ launch_point_-_bob_moore_and_team.php and the web site at: http://www.kitesite.com.au/kiterecord/september_ 2014.html

YouTube video:https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=IG_ Y9ESbS4c

The record flight was a culmination of over 40 flights in a 10 year period from a remote location near Cobar Western NSW, Australia. The flights were conducted with the authorization of the Australian Civil Aviation Authority and a zone administered by Air Services Australia.

Our next target is the absolute record with multiple kites on one line. The current record is 31,955 ft and our target is over 40,000 ft. Our activities have attracted interest from research teams investigating power generation from tethered aircraft.

Regards, Bob Moore"

Thank you very much, Bob, for the information and pictures of your Kite Altitude Record.

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