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Lavochkin La-7

Lavochkin La-7
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         Primary Function:
         Weight Empty:
         Max. Weight:
         Cruise Speed:
         Max. Speed:
         Initial Climb:
         First Flight:
         Year Deployed:
Shvetsov ASH-82FN
1,850 hp.
5,800 lbs.
7,185 lbs.
3 x 20 mm
440 lbs.
28 ft. 2 in.
32 ft. 1 in.
330 mph
425 mph
3,600 fpm
31,200 feet
475 miles

Lavochkin La-7 aircraft were the ultimate development in the Lavochkin series of fighters during World War II. Their stopgap predecissory were made almost entirely of wood, and were easy prey to Luftwaffe fighters.

In 1941 development started on upgrading the fighter's airframe to accommodate a 14 cylinder engine, replacing the formerly used V-12. The goal of designing the Lavochkin La-7 was to achieve longer range and higher overall performance.

The resulting Lavochkin La-7 was an excellent thourobred fighter. The aircraft featured the most powerful engines put into Lavochkin fighters, the Shvetsov ASH-82FN that produced 1,850 hp. In addition to greater engine power, the new aircraft used metal wing spars in place of its predecessors wooden ones, was lower in weight, and had drag reducing streamlining. Its pilot was protected with thicker cockpit armor. Advanced models of the aircraft reduced pilot workload by introducing single lever propeller pitch control.

The Lavochkin La-7 was highly maneuverable, with a fast rate of climb and excellent high altitude performance. The aircraft quickly gained a reputation as an excellent fighter. It was extremelly responsive to control and could outperform all other Soviet fighter aircraft. Its three 20 mm cannons delivered a deadly punch

According to some records, Lavochkin La-7 aircraft downed some 3,100 Luftwaffe aircraft vs. only 115 of their own aircraft being lost.  One is credited with a victory over a Me-262 jet fighter, the only Soviet aircraft to do so.

Over 5,750 of the aircraft were produced. These aircraft continued to serve the Soviet Union through the mid-1950's.

Lavochkin La-7
Lavochkin La-7

Pictured immediately above and below is the Lavochkin La-7 from Alfa Model. The wingspan measures 34". The fuselage measures 29". For power you can use a Speed 300 motor geared 5:1 swinging a 9 x 6 prop. It is of all foam construction.

Lavochkin La-7

Lavochkin La-7(LaGG-3)

The Lavochkin La-7 from a short kit from Red Star RC has a wingspan of 66". Fuselage length is 59". It uses balsa and ply in its construction. You can use from a .90 to a 1.20 engine. Upon completion it should weigh approximately 10 lbs.

We received the following email from Brian D. Brengle:
"On this web page aircraft image number 4 from the top, (the aircraft is marked with the #27 on it's fuselage), is a LaGG-3 and not a Lavochkin La-7. I am an American but I love SovietRussian aircraft. The La-5 and the Yak-7 and 9 are most impressive. I would like to see them in a fight, one on one, against the most modern WWII Allied Aircraft. I do understand that LaGG stands for Lavochkin, Gorbunov, and Gudkov. A LaGG is a Lavochkin."
Thank you Brian. Good catch!

Jeff Mohn wrote to tell us: "ESM has a new Lavochkin La-7 coming out soon. Both YT and KMP will be carrying this plane." Thank you Jeff.

Lavochkin La-7.

The ESM Model Lavochkin La-7 has a wingspan of 80", a length of 65", and a weight of around 17 lbs. It features a fiberglass fuselage with balsa built up wings. You will need a 1.8 four stroke engine to pull it through the sky. It is shown immediately above.

Lavochkin La-7

The Lavochkin La-7 from Scale Wings, Austria comes in two sizes. The 110" wingspan model weighs between 44 and 55 lbs. The 86" wingspan model weighs between 26 and 30 lbs.

David Andersen has plans of a Lavochkin La-7. Wingspan is 96.5". Materials used in the construction are balsa and plywood. Recommended power comes from 3.7 to 4.8 c.i.d. engines.

Warbirds.com has a Lavochkin La-7. It has a 32" wingspan and a length of 28".

Kit Cutters Inc. has a Lavochkin La-7 kit. It is from Don Smith Plans. Wingspan is 80" and length is 69". Plans are also available.

RBC has a Lavochkin La-7 kit. The wingspan is 41".  All balsa construction is used throughout. For power you will need a Speed 600 size motor.

Hobby express has a Lavochkin La-7. It is a foamy with a 33" wingspan and a 29" length. You will need a 400 size outrunner motor for power.  Weight is about 1 lb.

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