RC U-2 from Phase 3.

Phase 3's RC U-2 has a 66 1/2" wingspan and is 40 1/2" long. Included with the RTF are radio, motor, EDF unit, flight battery, charger, and servos. Weight is around 23 oz.

The actual aircraft may be found here.

RC U-2 by Simon Crocker.

Pictured above is a RC U-2 slope soarer built by Simon Cocker from Uncle Willies Plans. It is 1/8 scale, has a wingspan of 126" and a length of 75". Simon's rc airplane is done in the colors of the U-2 flown by Francis Gary Powers.

C.E. Torca's rc U-2.

The scratch built model of a two seat rc U-2 trainer built by C.E. Torca is pictured just above. It has a wingspan of 100" and a weight of 90 oz. Power is by two EDF 2W-20 motors driving Wemotec minifans.

Steve Greenfield's rc U-2.

That's Steve Greenfield of California Sailplanes with their 60" wingspan rc U-2 for slope soaring pictured above. Construction is from EPP. To fly it you will need winds of at least 10 mph on your slope and it helps to have at least intermediate rc flying experience.

AMA C/L model for rc U-2.

The clipped wing version of a C/L model, pictured above, should be easily converted into a rc U-2. It has a wingspan of 54" and is a Frank Warburton design. Plans for the long wing design can be found at the AMA Plans site under no. 31333.

RC U-2 built by I.W. Hughes.

The rc U-2 built by I. W. Hughes of RC Groups wingspan is about 17" and weight is about 8.5 oz. The fuselage is made from balsa and wings from Gediplac foam. Power is from a pair of 6 mm diameter motors. It is equipped with lights for flying after sunset.

RC U-2 built by Sam Snyder.

Sam Snyder's U-2 has a wngspan of 104" and is powered by a 14 lb. thrust turbine. We want to thank Sam Patricca for the photo.

RC U-2 from Lanier.

Lanier has a 74" wingspan, 56" length rc U-2 made for free flight, often converted to radio control. It is a foamy. You can find examples of the conversions at RC Groups. Although no longer produced, the rc U-2 can be found on eBay and rc airplane websites.

RC U-2 built by Jan Griesel.

The rc U-2 built by Jan Griesel, shown just above, has a 47" wingspan. It is a slope soarer that uses elevator, aileron, and working flaps for control Weight is around 22 oz.

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