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        Primary Function:
        Weight Empty:
        Max. Weight:
        Cruise Speed:
        Max. Speed:
        First Flight:
        Year Deployed:
Tumansky R-25
16,535 lbs.
11,465 lbs.
17,550 lbs.
1 x 30 mm
3,300 lbs.
51 ft. 9 in.
23 ft. 6 in.
540 mph
1,385 mph
58,000 fpm
60,000 feet
720 miles

MiG-21 in a vertical climb
MiG-21 For Sale

The MiG-21 for sale by Mikoyan is the world's most produced supersonic jet fighter, with over 10,350 of all types sold.  We have its scale model radio control airplanes too.

MiG-21 for sale from the San Diego Flight Museum
MiG-21 For Sale

The MiG-21 for sale by Airplanes USA on behalf of the San Diego Flight Museum is equipped with a self starter and upgraded batteries. It has had the fire control system removed along with the gun sight to provide good forward visibility. The aircraft has been flown around the U.S. in a number of air shows. The 1967, two seat, supersonic-capable, MiG-21 for sale is priced at just $69,500.

MiG-21 for sale from Raptor Aviation
MiG-21 For Sale

The MiG-21 for sale from Raptor Aviation is fitted with the more powerful R-13-300 engine producing 14,320 lbs. of thrust. It was last flown in 2005, and is located in Europe, ready for shipment. The MiG-21 for sale was built in 1980 and had its last air frame overhaul in 1989. The engine was installed in 1997, built in 1979, and has 326 hours left until it is due for overhaul.

1974 MiG-21 for sale from Raptor
MiG-21 For Sale.

Raptor Aviation's MiG-21 for sale is a 1974 model, in ready to fly condition. It is equipped with the R-11 engine with a new starter generator, and the drop fuel tank as pictured above.

MiG-21 for sale in a red and white paint scheme
MiG-21 For Sale

EJF - Electric Jet Factory, HET RC, and other retailers have a rc MiG-21 for sale with a 23 in. wingspan that is 46 1/2 in. long. It has a glass fibre fuse and balsa sheeted foamy wings. It needs a motor and 70 mm EDF unit for power. Weight is around 3 lbs.

scale model MiG-21 for sale taking off
MiG-21 For Sale

The rc MiG-21 for sale from RC International is 1/5 scale with a wingspan of 56 in. and a length of 111.5 in.  Construction is fiberglass throughout.  You can power it with Jet Cat P-120 or P-160 turbines.  It will weigh at least 30 lbs.

The origins of the MiG-21 for sale can be traced back to the experiences of Russian jet aircraft over Korea.  Although maneuverability was still an important attribute in a fighter aircraft, so was the need for speed and climb performance.  With that in mind, engineers designed the airplane to fly at almost 1,400 MPH and climb at 58,000 feet per minute.

MiG-21 for sale powered by pusher prop
MiG-21 For Sale

The rc MiG-21 for sale built from Parkjets plans has a wingspan of 27 in. and a length of 51 in.  Powering it is a BM-2409-12 motor driving a 8 x 6 pusher propeller.  As equipped it weighs 23 oz.

The greatest shortcoming of the first production aircraft were their relatively short range.  The model F added a 108 gallon center line drop tank in recognition of the problem.  Other upgrades included a redesigned forward fuselage to accommodate more powerful radars and a more efficient and powerful engine.  In 1959 a modified MiG-21 for sale, the Ye-66, set a speed record of 1,484 mph.

MiG-21 for sale pulled by prop in nose
MiG-21 For Sale

The VMAR rc MiG-21 for sale has a wingspan of 57 in. and length of 67 in. Construction materials are balsawood and light ply.  It is pulled by from a .60 to .91 engine in the nose.  Weigh should be between 9 3/4 lbs. and 10 1/4 lbs dry.

The Mig-21 for sale soon became a pilot favorite. It was sold to Soviet allies throughout the world.

Czechoslovakia and India produced it under a license agreement with the Soviet Union.  China reverse engineered a copy that they manufactured.

Traplet Plans MiG-21 for sale
MiG-21 For Sale

The MiG-21 for sale pictured just above is a slope soarer built from Traplet plans.  It has a wingspan of 25 in. and is designed for aileron and elevator controls.

The aircraft have had a long service career and are still being flown by a number of nations around the world.

Colorful MiG-21 for sale, in flight, seen from bottom and side
MiG-21 For Sale

The nice looking MiG-21 for sale from Airworld Modellbau has a wingspan of 50 in. with a length of 111 1/2 in. and a weight of around 30 lbs.  It needs turbine power.

John Caraci emailed us his review of his MiG-21 for sale by Airworld Modellbau:

"I really like my MiG-21 for sale from Airworld Modellbau. It looks fantastic just standing still, and looks like the real aircraft while doing low passes over the runway. It has virtually unlimited vertical performance, rock-steady flight, fast aileron rolls, and can fly knife edge and inverted with little fuss. Like most jet fighters it needs a straight in approach, with its speed up, to avoid tip stalls while landing. However, its landing gear is built solid and is up to the fast landings, while the jet tracks straight and true. If you are looking for a great turbine jet, you want the MiG-21 for sale from Airwold Modellbau."

Thank you very much John, for telling us about your Airworld Modellbau MiG-21 for sale. We appreciate your comments.

Vincent with his MiG-21 by Feibao for sale
MiG-21 For Sale

That's Vincent with his MiG-21 for sale by Feibao with a 55 in. wingspan. It is 98.5 in. long.  You will need a 28 lb. thrust turbine engine to power it.

My Hobby Store.com has plans for a .40 tractor engine MiG-21 for sale.  It has a wingspan of 35 1/2 in.  Bill Burkinshaw is the designer.

There are plans for the MiG-21 for sale on eBay. They build to a 36 in. wingspan with a 70 in. length. It uses from .45 to .50 2C engines turning a 4" fan.  Weight is about 7 lbs.

Green Air Design has a MiG-21 for sale that comes in a kit made from Depron foam.  It has a wingspan of 18 in. and a length of 28 in.  It can be powered by a 44 mm EDF or pusher prop.  All up weight is 12 oz.

Hobby-Lobby has a MiG-21 for sale that uses pusher prop power.  It is micro size, made from EPP, and needs a micro motor for power.

Vince Serens has a MiG-21 for sale. It has a 40 in. wingspan, is 90 in. long and weighs 25 lbs. It is turbine powered.

Al Marshall scratch built his MiG-21 for sale. Its wingspan is 25 in. and length 56 in. It is powered by a 70mm EDF unit.

Rick Hollaway's MiG-21 for sale has a 65 1/2 in. wingspan and length of 95 1/2".

Lou Serena has a MiG-21 for sale that he used plans to build. It has a 45 in. wingspan with a length of 62".

Jack Aaron has a MiG-21 for sale. Its wingspan is 65 in. and it is 94 in. long, with turbine power.

Raul Amarati has a MiG-21 for sale with a 35 in. wingspan, length of 78 in. It needs your turbine engine. It weighs about 26 lbs.

Paul Anenberg built his MiG-21 for sale. It has a wingspan of 40 in. is 88 in. long and weighs 32 lbs.

John Ball has a MiG-21 for sale. It has a wingspan of 38 in. and is 55 in. long. All up weight is 22 lbs. all up.

Mark Beams MiG-21 for sale has a 44 in. wingspan with a 64 in. length . It has a weight of 14 lbs.

Josh Gregs MiG-21 for sale has a wingspan of 45 in. and is 100 in. long.

Tom Rowe has a MiG-21 for sale with a 42 in. wingspan, a length of 60 in., and weighs around 30 lbs.

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