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Mudry CAP 10

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     Primary Function:
     Weight Empty:
     Max. Weight:
     Cruise Speed:
     Max. Speed:
     Climb Rate:
     First Flight:
Lycoming IO-320-B2F
180 h.p.
23 ft. 5 in.
26 ft. 5 in.
1,200 lbs.
1,830 lbs.
36 U.S. gals.
155 mph
170 mph
1,200 fpm
15,000 feet
600 miles

Mudry CAP 10
Mudry CAP 10

The Mudry CAP 10 sports aircraft, produced in France, first flew in 1968. Production continued through 2007. CAP stands for Constructions Aeronautiques Parisiennes.

Mudry CAP 10
Mudry CAP 10 - Pemberton

Mike Pemberton's Mudry CAP 10 has a wingspan of 79" and a length of 71". He uses the ASP 1.20 engine to power his 10 1/2 lb. airplane.

Mudry CAP 10
Mudry CAP 10 - Layden

Layden Plans Mudry CAP 10 builds to a 81" wingspan and 73" length. Construction is balsawood and ply. Engines can be from .60 to .91 two cycle or .91 to 1.20 four cycle. Weight is around 11 1/2 lbs.

The fuselage of the Mudry CAP 10 is hand made from wood. Its framing consists of triangles linked to formers joined by gussets over which planking is applied. The wooden wing is of conventional construction and is shaped to a NACA 23010 air foil. Its shape is aerodynamic with low drag while being responsive to aerobatic maneuvers.

Mudry CAP 10
Mudry CAP 10 - Laidslaw

You can find drawings at RC Universe posted by Laidslaw that may help to build a Mudry CAP 10.

The 180 h.p. engine delivers reasonable acceleration and climb, but nothing that could be described as neck-snapping. However, the aircraft is capable of performing most aerobatics with hardly any loss of altitude.

Mudry CAP 10
Mudry CAP 10 - Boullosa

The Mudry CAP 10 10 built by Jorge Boullosa is of all wood construction. Its wingspan is 65", length is 59" and weight is around 6 lbs. Power is by a .46 two stroke engine.

The cockpit gives you some clues to its aerobatic heritage. It has a no-nonsense, highly functional design. Controls are logical and well placed. There are throttles placed on both sides of the cockpit, convenient for use with either hand. The stick is designed to facilitate positive control during high-g aerobatic maneuvers. Cockpit visibility is excellent for this type of aircraft, however ventilation can stand improvement.

Mudry CAP 10
Mudry CAP 10 - Yellow Aircraft.

Yellow Aircraft has a Mudry CAP 10 that comes in a kit for .90 to 1.09 engines. It is made from fiberglass with a wingspan of 75", a length of 68" and a weight of about 15 lbs. Although no longer made, it can sometimes be found either as a kit or almost ready to fly at rc sites and places like eBay.

The airplane is easy to fly and does not exhibit its sporting heritage until asked to do so. Shooting touch and goes around the pattern, or flying short hops, will find a well mannered airplane. It has a nice glide rate and its controls have a good feel without being overly sensitive with the exception of the rudder.

Mudry CAP 10
Mudry CAP 10 - Aeromodelisme

Aeromodelisme's Mudry CAP 10 has a wingspan of 59" and length of 47". The ARF is of wooden construction and will fly fine with a FX .46 engine. Weight is around 6 1/2 lbs.

It is when the Mudry CAP 10 is pushed hard that its aerobatic nature really shines. It's rated at from + 6 to - 4.5g maneuvers. The zoom climb and ability to hold its speed is impressive. It will immediately snap roll in either direction with only a moderate touch of the stick. It will also stop rolling with the same precision. The rudder has extreme authority and is somewhat sensitive.

Mudry CAP 10
Mudry CAP 10 - MR Aerodesign

The Mudry CAP 10 built from a kit from MR Aerodesign has a wingspan of 80" and a length of 65".  Recommended are G45 or similar engines. Weight is about 15 lbs. Plans are also for sale.

Stalls are sharp with a clean break, but it can drop a wing if one isn't careful. Recovering from inside spins is normal except that it absolutely requires centering the ailerons for a smooth recovery. Inverted spins present no problems.

Mudry CAP 10
Mudry CAP 10 - VQ Model

The Mudry CAP 10 from VQ Model comes almost ready to fly. Wingspan is 59" and length is 47". It is made from balsa and ply. Engines can be from .61 to .75 two cycle or .90 four cycle. Weight is around 7 lbs.

Other than a need to be aware of the extreme rudder authority, taking off is a breeze. You do need just a bit of rudder to keep the aircraft rolling straight down the runway.

Mudry CAP 10
Mudry CAP 10 - Slough

The Mudry CAP 10 from Slough RC wingspan is 77 1/2" and length is 63". From .91 to 1.20 2C or a 1.40 4C engine can power the approximately 8 1/2 lb. ARF.

Approaches are generally made with full flaps. The flaps will block some of the prop wash over the rudder and reduce some of its authority for landings. The landing gear have less spring than most aircraft.

Mudry CAP 10
Mudry CAP 10 - Airfly Modelle

The Mudry CAP 10 comes in a kit from Airfly Modelle. The wingspan is 94 1/2" and the length is 77 1/2". It requires from 50 to 80 cc engines.

The Mudry CAP 10 has been used as an aerobatic trainer for many years. Some of Europe's top pilots started their training in one.

Mudry CAP 10
Mudry CAP 10 - Sky Hooks & Rigging

Sky Hooks & Rigging has a kit for a profile Mudry CAP 10 that builds as shown just above. The wingspan is 25" and length is 16.5" Weight is just 4.5 oz.

A total of over 300 Mudry CAP 10 aiplanes were built, of which some 200 are still flying to date.

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