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      US$ Cost:
      Primary Function:
      Weight Empty:
      Max. Weight:
      Cruise Speed:
      Max. Speed:
      Initial Climb:
      First Flight:
GE J85
2 x 5,000 lbs. ea.
2- 20 mm
7,000 lbs.
9,725 lbs.
24,725 lbs.
48 ft. 2 in.
26 ft. 8 in.
650 mph
1,080 mph
34,450 fpm
51,800 feet
1,540 miles

F-5 For Sale

The latest version of the F-5 for sale by Northrop is a vastly improved version of its predecessor. It has been praised for its agility, versatility, ease of maintenance, low initial and long term operating expenses. However the aircraft is not equipped to fly in all weather conditions.

The F-5 for sale was built with one or two seats. The two seat version has been used as a trainer in air forces around the world since 1964.

In addition to the F-5 for sale in the United States, Canada, Spain, Taiwan, South Korea, and Switzerland had licensing agreements to build it.

The F-5 for sale was first flown on August 11, 1972. It had more powerful engines than the original model and also a wider fuselage to accommodate the engines. Avionics were vastly improved as well. By 1980 some twenty air forces around the world were flying the aircraft.

Some 17 F-5 aircraft were deployed to Vietnam in 1965 and 1966. They flew a total of over 2,500 ground combat sorties. While able to deliver ordnance accurately, and were generally successful, they couldn't fly long range missions without frequent air-to-air refueling. Seven Northrop F-5 aircraft were lost to anti-aircraft fire, with two more lost due to mechanical difficulties.

F-5 aircraft with the Ethiopian air force engaged Somali jet aircraft during the 1977 to 1978 Ethio-Somali War.

On July 17, 1977 a pair of F-5 aircraft engaged four Somali jet fighters near Harer Ethiopia. The F-5's downed two of the Somali aircraft with missiles, while the remaining two collided with each other. Overall F-5 aircraft were superior to Somali aircraft. However ground fire claimed at least three Northrop F-5 aircraft.

Iranian F-5 aircraft were used extensively for ground support and air-to-air combat during the 1980 to 1988 Iran - Iraq War. It appears that during the early years of the War, the Northrop F-5 could best Iraqi aircraft due to their superior air-to-air missiles. The advantage was negated when Iraqi aircraft were armed similarly. There is no credible record of the win/loss record of Northrop F-5 aircraft during the War.

Today Iraq is manufacturing an aircraft based on the F-5 for sale called the Saegeh.

F-5 aircraft were used by Morocco in the Western Sahara War against the Sahrawi indigenous Polisario Front rebel national liberation movement working to end Moroccan presence in the Western Sahara. Several Northrop F-5 aircraft were downed by ground to air missiles.

The F-5 flew for Saudi Arabia against Iraqi forces occupying Kuwait during the 1990 to 1991 First Gulf War. It appears that a single Saudi Northrop F-5 was lost due to ground fire in the conflict.

The United States Air Force, Marines, and Navy used the Northrop F-5 as an aggressor that simulated enemy fighters for the training of pilots.

Production of the F-5 for sale ended in 1987. However, updated parts, which continue to be produced, keep many operational to this date.

In mid 1992 an updated prototype of the F-5 for sale took to the sky. It used a single engine that produced about 70% more power than the two engines of its predecessor. However the U.S. government had no interest in the aircraft and the project ended with just three prototypes produced.

A total of over 2,700 F-5 aircraft of all types were sold. Over 2,000 were exported to some 30 countries around the world.

To date about 800 F-5 aircraft continue to operate around the world. Substantial support for the aircraft is provided by a team of companies headed by Northrop Grumman.

In April of 2014 the U.S. Government budgeted about US$3.1 million to keep the F-5 fighter aircraft flying indefinitely.

F-5 For Sale

The F-5 for sale from NitroPlanes shown above is 38" long with a 24 1/2" wingspan and weighs around 1 lb. 4 oz. Included is a complete electronics package with motor.

F-5 For Sale - Airplane girl.

This colorful F-5 for sale by NitroPlanes has a wingspan of 21" with a length of 37" and weighs a little over a pound ready to fly. Power comes from a brushless motor driving a 64 mm ducted fan.

F-5 For Sale

The F-5 for sale of Andrew Scholl has a wingspan of 66", and length is 118". Power is by a Jet Cat P-120. Weight is 33 lbs.

F-5 For Sale

The F-5 for sale from RCInternational has a wingspan of 66" with a length of 112". Weight is around 35 lbs.

F-5 For Sale

The F-5 for sale from JetsRC needs from 20 to 35 lbs. thrust turbine engine power. Its wingspan is 59" and length is 96 1/2".

F-5 for sale

Banana Hobby's F-5 for sale is available as a RTF. It has a 24" wingspan and 37 1/2" length. Included is radio, servos, motor, controller, fan unit, and flight battery. It is also available as a kit or ARF.

F-5 For Sale

The Californai Sailplanes F-5 for sale as a Slope Soarer (F-20) wingspan is 33", and length is 32". Construction is all EPP foam. It is controlled by two channels for elevator and ailerons and needs minimum 7 mph winds to fly.

F-5 For Sale

The F-5 for sale by Parkjets has a wingspan of 29" and length of 48". Power comes from a electric motor geared 4.4:1 driving a pusher propeller.

F-5 For Sale

The F-5 For Sale from Starmax has a wingspan of 30" and it is 51 1/2" long. It comes with a motor driving a 70 mm EDF and has retractable landing gear. Weight is around 2 lbs.

ICARE has a F-5 for sale with a 27 1/2" wingspan and length of 30". You can power the rc airplane with Mega 16/7/3 or 4 motors. It has a foam fuselage and injected foam wings. All up weight is from 17 to 20 oz.

Electric Jet Factory has a F-5 for sale with a wingspan 31.5" with a length 45 1/2". Power is from a Typhoon 2W motor turning a 480 Mini Fan. Construction is a balsa and lite plywood.

Thorjet has a F-5 for sale with a length 66", and a 41" or 48" wing for an O.S. .91 DF, Thorjet 90 power unit or MW 54 turbine. All up weight is between 10 and 12 lbs.

Sky Team International has a F-5 for sale in red or gray color schemes. Its has a wingspan of 24" and it is 38" long. It needs a motor to drive the included 64 mm EDF unit. Weight is around 20 oz.

Amax makes a F-5 for sale with a 21" wingspan. It is 37" long and weighs about 18 oz. It has a 64 mm EDF.

Dongguan has a F-5 for sale. Its wingspan is 21 1/2" and length is 35". It has a 64 mm EDF unit. Weight is about 20 oz.

Fondlick makes a F-5 for sale. Wingspan is 21", and length is 34". It is also available as a ARF.

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