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Wilga Radio Control Airplanes For Sale

Radio Control Wilga Airplanes For Sale
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    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Initial Climb:
    Year Deployed:
Ivchenko AI-14RA
260 h.p.
26 ft. 6 in.
36 ft. 5 in.
1,980 lbs.
3,306 lbs.
106 gallons
114 mph
121 mph
1,100 fpm
11,500 feet
420 miles

Wilga For Sale

The Wilga for sale from NitroPlanes has a 46 in. wingspan and 35 in. length. It comes with wheels and floats plus a motor, controller, radio, flight battery and charger.

The Wilga for sale in Poland by PZL is one of the most competent light, single engine airplanes to take to the sky. In addition to flying from runways, it has been equipped for flying from water, and also landing on snow and ice air strips.

Wilga For Sale

The Wilga for sale from Easy Sky has a 37 in. wingspan, a 27 in. length, and includes a motor, controller, radio and flight battery. The RTF airplane weighs around 13 oz.

The airplane has been employed by air forces around the world, as well as police departments. It is used for aerial photography, parachute jumping, as an air ambulance, an agricultural spraying aircraft, and of course, as a glider tow.

Wilga For Sale

HobbyKing's Wilga for sale has a 45 1/2 in. wingspan and 35 in. length. The RTF foamy includes a motor and controller. It weighs around 19 oz.

The airplanes first flew in 1962 with production continuing until 2009. They continued to evolve and improve with time. Fuselages were enlarged and made stronger, more powerful engines were fitted to the aircraft, landing gear improved, controls refined, and avionics upgraded.

Wilga For Sale

The HKM Models Wilga for sale has a wingspan of 126 in. The wings are obeci sheeted foam. It has a glass fibre fuselage that is 86 1/2 in, long. The ARF can use a DA 200 engine for power.

The short field take off and landing abilities of the airplane are renown. The tail must be kept down during the 400 foot or so takeoff run due to the action of the landing gear. When rotation speed is reached the aircraft is best pulled from the ground with authority. Getting used to the gear action takes more than a few touch and goes to get it right. Interior noise is actually quieter than in many other single engine aircraft.

Wilga For Sale

There is a Wilga for sale that comes in a kit from Roedel. Its wingspan is 10 1/2 ft. and its length is 93 in. Weight is about 49 lbs.

Initially the airplane will climb steeply. Controls are well coordinated and light, without being overly sensitive. Gradually reducing power and pulling back on the stick shows that the airplane doesn't stall as much as slowly loses altitude while flying straight ahead. It will gradually lower a wing when stalled with the throttle open, but only a slight opposite aileron will quickly level the wings while the airplane slowly loses altitude.

Wilga For Sale

Georgi Modellbau's 131 1/2 in. wingspan Wilga for sale is 96 1/2 in. long. It needs a 100 ccm engine to pull its approximately 35 lb. weight.

A smaller Wilga for sale from Georgi Modellbau has a 118 in. wingspan and 83 in. length. It weighs about 24 1/2 lbs. and needs a 60 ccm engine.

Landings involve reducing power to establish an approximate 58 mph approach speed with a 500 fpm rate of descent and slowly lowering the flaps to the end position. The landing gear have a lot of travel and even a heavier than anticipated touch down can be smooth out.

Over 1,000 of the aircraft were produced.

Wilga For Sale

Troy Built Models - TBM - has the Wilga for sale as a kit. It builds to a 88 1/2 in. wingspan and is 62 in. long. Construction is all wood. Engines can be from 26 to 36 cc and weight will be about 14 lbs.

Wilga For Sale

The Frisch-Moddelbau Wilga for sale comes as an ARF. They have three model sizes. They are all giant scale. The smallest Wilga for sale has a 109 in. wingspan with a 75 in. length fuselage. It needs a 60 ccm engine for power and weighs around 26 1/2 lbs. The middle size Wilga for sale has a 126 in. wingspan with a 88 1/2 in. length. Recommended power is from a King 100 engine. Weight is around 35 1/4 lbs. The largest Wilga for sale has a wingspan of 146 1/2 in. and is 96 1/2 in. long. It needs a 140 ccm engine to power its 43 lb. weight.

Wilga For Sale

The Wilga for sale built from a kit by E-Star Models wingspan is 53 in, length is 37 in., and construction is balsa and ply. A Speed 480 motor geared 2.5:1 can power the model that weighs about 35 oz.

Wilga For Sale

The Wilga for sale from ICARE has a wingspan of 95 in. and a length of 68 in. The ARF needs from 30 to 60 cc engines or a Plettenberg 30-10 motor. Weight is about 15 1/2 lbs.

Wilga For Sale

The Wilga for sale by Airworld Modellbau wingspan is 87 in. and length is 61 in. The fuselage is made from fiberglass and the wings are foam core. Suggested engines are a Moki 40 or 45. Weight is about 16 1/2 lbs.

Artex has a Wilga for sale as a kit. Wingspan is 51 in. and length is 37 in. Weight is about 2 lbs.

Kit Cutters has plans and a kit of the Wilga for sale with a 36 in. wingspan. It is from Nexus plans.

Graupner has a Wilga for sale available with both wheels and floats as an ARF. Wingspan is 42 in. and length is 33 in. A motor is included.

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