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Tornado ADV Specifications

    Primary Function:
    Span Extended:
    Span Swept:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Climb Rate:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
2- 16,075 lbs ea.
61 ft. 4 in.
45 ft. 8 in.
28 ft. 3 in.
31,970 lbs.
61,700 lbs.
1- 27 mm
585 mph
1,480 mph
40,000 fpm
70,000 feet
2,650 miles

RC Tornado
RC Tornado

The rc Tornado shown above was built by Johnny Wang from Fly Eagle Jets. It comes as ARF and has operating swing wings. Length is 88" and full wingspan is 73". Construction is mainly composites. Power can come from a 28 lb. to 35 lb. thrust jet turbine engine. All up weight is around 34 lbs.

]RC Tornado
RC Tornado

Multi-role Tornado ADV (Air Defense Variant) F.3, GR.1 and GR.4 IDS (Interdictor/Strike) aircraft were produced jointly by Germany, Italy and England from 1979 to 1999. Each country manufactured a number of unique specific parts of the aircraft. In addition, each country did the final assembly of the aircraft for its own air force. Engines for all aircraft were produced by Turbo- Union from a Rolls Royce design.

RC Tornado
RC Tornado

In the picture right above is the rc Tornado with a variable swept wing from NitroPlanes. Wingspan is 30" and length is 38". A brushless motor turns a 64 mm EDF. Weight is around 24 oz. It is available in different color schemes, as a kit, ARF, or RTF.

The upgraded Tornado GR.4 that replaced the GR.1 has the mission of a low level attack aircraft. It is designed to take out high value targets in all weather conditions using its terrain following and ground mapping radar systems.  Missions can be safely flown as low as 200 feet above ground level while providing a smooth, gentle ride.

RC Tornado
RC Tornado

The rc Tornado from Max Thrust has a wingspan open of 30" and closed of 23". It is 38" long, is powered by a 64 mm fan unit, and weighs about 1 1/2 lbs.

The Tornado model ADV mission is that of a long range interceptor. The primary difference between the ADV and other models is its 4' 7" longer fuselage. Its advanced radar system can track up to 20 aircraft while scanning a search area of up to 100 miles away. Its missiles are accurate at ranges of up to 27 miles.

RC Tornado
RC Tornado

Kyosho's rc Tornado comes as a kit. Its wingspan is 27 1/2" and length is 31". Included is a 55 mm EDF unit. Weight is about 18 oz.

All versions of the Tornado have wings that automatically sweep back to maximize the aircraft's aerodynamic performance. The aircraft have excellent short take off capability, which together with an on board APU (Auxiliary Power Unit), make them well suited for operation from unimproved forward air fields.  They are designed to carry the largest variety of ordnance of any RAF fighter aircraft.

RC Tornado
RC Tornado

The rc Tornado from Lenci Design Models comes ready to fly with everything except an engine. When open, the wingspan is 83". Its swept wingspan is 53". Length is 94" and it weighs about 32 lbs. A turbine engine putting out around 30 lbs. of thrust will power it nicely.

The Saudi Arabian Air Force has a combined total of 111 Tornado model ADV and IDS aircraft. During the 1991 Gulf War, Royal Saudi aircraft flew combat patrols along with RAF aircraft. The Saudi aircraft did not see any action. However, the RAF aircraft carried out over 1,500 bombing raids over Iraq. Six RAF Tornados were lost due to surface to air missiles.

RC Tornado
RC Tornado

The rc Tornado from Traplet Plans, designed and built by Chris Gold has a wingspan of 51" spread and 35" swept.  The wings sweep open and closed by servo actuation. Fuselage length is 49". Power comes from two HP 300-20-6 motors driving WeMoTec 480 fans. All up weight is around 3 1/2 lbs.

In 1992 RAF model Tornado F.3's helped patrol Iraqi no fly zones. They also participated in U.N. operations over Bosnia-Herzegovinia.

RC Tornado
RC Tornado

The rc Tornado from Park Jets plans has a 33 1/2" spread wingspan and a 21" swept wingspan. Its length is 36". A Hyperion Z 2213/30 motor driving a 7 x 6 pusher prop powers it.

In January 2003 RAF Tornado model GR.4 aircraft participated in the invasion of Iraq using stand-off missiles, GPS guided ordnance, and improved anti radar missiles for the first time.

RC Tornado
RC Tornado

The rc Tornado slope soarer built from plans obtained from the PSS Model Plans Directory has a wingspan of 48". Andy Conway designed and built it. It uses two channel aileron and elevator controls.

A total of 218 Tornado ADV and 992 IDS aircraft were produced.

If you have a favorite rc Tornado, or if you can recommend one, please tell us.