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RC Comanche
(RC Comanche Radio Control Helicopters)

RC Comanche Radio Control Helicopters
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          Primary Function:
          Weight Empty:
          Max. Weight:
          Rotor Diameter:
          Cruise Speed:
          Max. Speed:
          Climb Rate:
          First Flight:
stealth recon
2- 2,688 hp ea.
3,402 lbs.
7,790 lbs.
47 ft. 8 in.
11 ft.
39 ft.
148 mph
193 mph
2,240 fpm
14,980 feet
1,125 miles

RC Comanche Radio Control Helicopters
RC Comanche

The RC Comanche from China Top Win - CTW - is 17 in. long, 4 in. wide, and 8 in. high.   It comes ready to fly, including flight battery.

Production of the Comanche helicopter, officially the RAH-66, a joint venture by Boeing and Sikorsky, never got beyond the prototype state. The project was canceled by the U. S. Army on February 23, 2004. Approximately US $8 billion had been spent on the project. An additional $450 to $860 million would be added to the total spent as cancellation fees.

RC Comanche

The pictures above and below are for the RC Comanche from XHeli. It has a 13 1/2 in. rotor, a fuselage length of 17 in., width of 4 in. and height of 7 in. Power comes from two 180 motors. It is available in two versions, both ready to fly. One has a 2.4 GHZ full spectrum radio and the other has a standard radio.

The Comanche was to be the first United States helicopter developed specifically for stealth armed reconnaissance.

Prototype testing immediately before cancelation revealed a host of problems. Computers, weight, stealth technology, and weapons were all deficient, to name a few of the items.

RC Comanche
RC Comanche

In May 1995 production of the first helicopter prototype was completed. The helicopter first flew on January 4, 1996. It was anticipated that the Block 1 for armed reconnaissance would be deployed in 2009 with Block II helicopters, for heavy attack, would be deployed in 2011.

The helicopter featured a five-blade bearing-less main rotor, an anti-torque tail rotor system, Turboshaft LHTEC-800LHT-801 engines, triple-redundant fly-by-wire flight control, and digital missions electronics with on-board diagnostics. In addition it had remove and replace maintenance, Hands On Grips controls for single-handed flight operations, a buried exhaust system, and internal weapons for lower drag, stealth, and to maintain a low radar signature. A three-barrel 20mm Gatling gun fired 750 or 1,500 rounds per minute.

RC Comanche
RC Comanche

The RC Comanche by Mitsuhara Ishikawa is 1/22 scale with a card stock fuselage on a Pro Piccolo frame. Power is by a GWS 65 mm micro ducted fan engine.

Test pilots reported, while flying the helicopter, that barely advancing the throttle immediately caused the head of the helicopter to start spooling up. Initially advancing the throttle and the blades were spinning briskly. Advancing the throttle further caused the helicopter to get light on its wheels and lift off the ground. Some quick trimming was needed to allow it to hover in one spot. It was obvious that the helicopter was both powerful and agile. Even though the helicopter felt agile in the air and would move quickly with any command input, it wasn't difficult to maintain hover. The triple-redundant fly-by-wire flight control was quick.

RC Comanche
RC Comanche.

The great looking pictures above and below of the RC Comanche built by Michael Behrens are taken from the picture gallery of his website. It is 1/8 scale with a length of 69 in. and rotor diameter of 62 1/2 in.  Power comes from an Actro-Kohler 32-3 electric helicopter motor and all-up weight is around 20 lbs.

RC Comanche
RC Comanche - detail

With the efficient and strong running Turboshaft LHTEC-800-LHT-801 engines, the helicopter zoomed. It was very responsive in flight, grooved with the best of them, and felt like a much smaller aircraft.

Aerobatics were easy to do with the power available.  Loops, rolls and stall-turns were all performed easily.

RC Comanche
RC Comanche

You can find a fuselage kit for the RC Comanche at Darth's Heli Bodies. It is made from styrene plastic and will fit micro heli mechanics such as Blade CP.

Flyor has a RC Comanche. It comes ready to fly (RTF) and includes a pair of 180 type motors. Rotor diameter is 13 1/2 in., length is 15 in. and height is 7 in.

Heli Max has another RC Comanche. Its rotor diameter is 10 1/2 in., length is 12 1/2 in., and height is 6 in.

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