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AT-6 For Sale
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        Primary Function:
        Weight Empty:
        Max. Weight:
        Machine Guns:
        Cruise Speed:
        Max. Speed:
        Initial Climb:
        First Flight:
        Year Deployed:
P&W R-1340
600 h.p.
4,160 lbs.
5,600 lbs.
2 x .30 cal.
1,000 lbs.
29 ft. 6 in.
42 ft.
160 mph
240 mph
1,200 fpm
24,500 feet
750 miles

AT-6 for sale from NitroPlanes.

NitroPlanes has the rc AT-6 for sale in different sizes and color schemes, for engine or motor power.

The rc AT-6 for sale from Nitroplanes, seen above, wingspan is 82" with a 52" long fuselage. Construction is a glass fiber fuse and center wing section with balsa covered built up wood wings. It comes in two color schemes. A 1.60 two stroke is the recommended engine. All up weight is around 12 lbs.

AT-6 For Sale in Reno Racer colors.

The rc AT-6, for sale by North American, is one of the most recognized warbirds in the world, some 70 years after its introduction.

AT-6 For Sale by E-flite.

Wingspan of the AT-6 for sale by E-flite is 54", length is 39", motor is a Power 25 brushless swinging a 12 x 8E propeller, weight is around 4 1/4 lbs.

AT-6 for sale in RAF color scheme.

The AT-6 advanced trainer goes by several names. Officially designated the AT-6, the U.S. Army Air Corps called it Texan, the British called it Harvard, and the USMC and United States Navy called it the SNJ.

AT-6 for sale from HOB.

House of Balsa has a kit of the rc AT-6 for sale. It builds to a wingspan of 35" with a length of 24". Power can come from a 400 size outrunner motor. Weight will be around 2 lbs.

AT-6 for sale in USAF color scheme.

The original trainers were made from plywood to save precious metal for fighter planes.

Thousands of pilots trained in the airplane before heading to high performance fighters and other aircraft during World War II.

Nick Ziroli Plans AT-6 for sale.

The great looking rc AT-6 for sale from Nick Ziroli Plans. Either plans or a short kit are for sale. It has a wingspan of 101" and a length of 70". Recommended engines are from 3.0 to 4.2.

AT-6 for sale in a Navy paint scheme.

Several hundred of the aircraft are still flying. Many of them perform in air shows, and a few participate in air racing.

You can even get a demonstration flight. Pilots will be happy to simply fly straight and level giving the opportunity for picture taking, or, perform aerobatics for the strong of heart.

AT-6 for sale from Top Flite.

The nice looking rc AT-6 for sale from Top Flite features all wood construction and retracts. Wingspan is 69" and length is 51". Weight should be around 9 1/2 lbs. You can power it with a .61 two cycle engine or from .70 to .91 four cycle engines.

AT-6 for sale in USAF Korean War paint scheme.

Armed versions of the aircraft saw extensive service during the colonial wars that began after World War II and went on through the 1960's. They proved themselves as excellent counter insurgency aircraft.

The airplane was used by the French in Algeria from 1954 to 1962 as a light attack aircraft. Over 700 of the aircraft served for France. Ordnance was typically a pair of .30 cal. gun pods, napalm, rockets, and bombs.

AT-6 for sale from NitroPlanes.

The rc AT-6 above, for sale from NitroPlanes, has a 35" wingspan and is 27" long. Power is from a Speed 370 type motor.

RBC Kits has the AT-6 for sale. It has a wingspan of 49.5". All balsa construction is used throughout. Recommended power is a Typhoon 29/12/10 or 15/10 motor.

AMA Plans Service has two plans for the AT-6 for sale. Both are scale models. The 30" plan is for electric motors. The 44" plan is for gas power.

RC Royal has plans for the AT-6 for sale with a wingspan of 73" and a length of 49.5". It needs a 1.20 four stroke engine and weighs around 8 1/2 lbs.

Brian Taylor has plans for the AT-6 for sale. It has a 94.5" wingspan. For power you will need 1.2 to 1.5 four cycle engines.

Aeroshell's AT-6 for sale features a fiberglass fuselage. Wingspan is 61.5" and length is 44.5". Engines can be .40 to .46 two stroke or .52 - .70 four stroke.

Precision Cut Kits AT-6 for sale is from Don Smith Plans.  Wingspan is 84" and length is 55".  Engines can be from 1.2 to 1.8 size.

Hangar 9's AT-6 for sale has a wingspan of 67 1/2", a 48" length and a all up weight of around 8 lbs. Two cycle engines suggested are from .60 to .90. You can use from .82 to l.0 four cycle engines.

Ace Simple Series has a AT-6 for sale. The wing is foam and the tail is balsa. Wingspan is 35" and length is 25". If you want engine power, Ace recommends powering the rc airplane with from .049 to .075 engines. If you prefer electric power, Ace says that you can use AP-29 or Speed 480 motors.

The Watt-Age AT-6 for sale comes with a 36.5" wingspan. Its length is 25.5" Motors can be from 380 to 480.

AirBorne Models has a AT-6 for sale with a wingspan of 44" and a length of 31 1/2". The balsa and plywood model weighs around 31 oz. ready to fly and includes a KM 0283010 motor and pilot figure.

AirBorne Models also has a larger AT-6 for sale . Its wingspan is 72", length is 55 1/2", and weight is around 8 1/2 lbs. It needs a .91 4C engine for power.

Lanyu's AT-6 for sale is a ready to fly scale model that has a wingspan of 35", a length of 27", and a weight of about 17 oz.

The World Models electric powered AT-6 for sale has a wingspan of 44" and a length of 31 1/2". Construction is from balsawood and plywood. Retracts are included. It needs Speed 400 to 600 size motors.

ESM has a AT-6 for sale. It has 61" wingspan, a glass fuselage and balsawood sheeted wings. You will need from .40 to .52 2C engine power.

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