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Primary Function:
Weight Empty:
Max. Weight:
Cruise Speed:
Max. Speed:
Climb Rate:
First Flight:
Lycoming IO-540
230 h.p.
29 ft.
36 ft.
1,970 lbs.
3,100 lbs.
92 U.S. gals.
1,140 lbs.
155 mph
172 mph
925 fpm
18,100 feet
990 miles

rc Cessna 182
RC Cessna 182

The rc Cessna 182 by Banana Hobby has a wingspan of 55 1/2 in. and is 43 in. long. Included is a motor and controller turning a three bladed prop. Weight is about 2 1/2 lbs.

HobbyKing's rc Cessna 182 has a 74 in. wingspan and is 58 in. long. Included is a motor and servos. It needs your controller and electronics. It weighs around 5 1/2 lbs.

Parkflyers has a rc Cessna 182 that comes ready to fly. The foamy has a 51 in. wingspan, 39 in. length, and weighs just under 3 lbs. Included are working flaps, navigation lights, radio, and flight battery. All you will need is a Li-po charger.

The rc Cessna 182 from NitroPlanes with an 83 in. wingspan comes as a kit from CMP. Its length is 63 in.. Construction is a glass fibre fuselage with built-up balsa wings. Engines can be from 1.10 to 1.20 two cycle or 1.20 to 1.40 four cycle. It weighs about 11 1/2 lbs.

NitroPlane's smaller rc Cessna 182 from CMP also has balsa built up wings and a glass fuse. Its wingspan is 65 in., length is 49 in. and weight is about 44 oz.

Dynam's rc Cessna 182 from Nitroplanes comes as RTF. Wingspan is 50 in. and length is 39 in. Included are a radio, flight battery, and charger. All up weight of the foamy is around 2 lbs.

Art-Tech's Cessna 182 from NitroPlanes comes with floats, is made from EPS, and is ready to fly with radio and flight battery. Its wingspan is 38 1/2 in., length is 34 in., and weight is around 20 oz. all-up.

The rc Cessna 182 from TexRC by NitroPlanes has a 28 in. wingspan and 22 in. length with a weight of about 9 oz. Controls are throttle, rudder, and elevator. It is made from Depron and includes a motor and controller.

MotionRC has a rc Cessna 182 from Dynam. It spans 47 1/2 in. and is 39 in. long. Included is a motor, controller, and servos. Weight is about 37 oz.

The rc Cessna 182 from Hobbico is a RTF foamy with a wingspan of 35 in., and length of 27 1/2 in. Included are a motor, controller, radio, flight battery and charger.

We received the following review of the Hobbico rc Cessna 182 from Mary Becker:

"I was immediately impressed upon opening the box containing the Hobbico rc Cessna 182. Everything was securely fastened and carefully packaged. There is relatively little work to do to get the rc Cessna 182 assembled and ready to fly

This is really a complete rc airplane. The instruction manual is easy to follow with lots of pictures.

There is even a flight battery complete with charger. The charger is simple to use with a light indicating when the battery is fully charged.

All the control surfaces come hinged. The covering on the rc Cessna 182 was wrinkle free.

The landing gear are sturdy enough for even my type of landings. They are easy to install.

Next comes the tail fins that need their control rods attached. After that comes attaching the wing struts which was a breeze.

The first flight of the rc Cessna 182 was in a small field at the end of my street. There is a paved path that I used as the runway. Keeping the rc Cessna 182 in the middle of the path for its short take off run was no problem.

The rc Cessna 182 climbed much like the real airplane. While it had sufficient power, this was no jet interceptor. The was no trouble controlling the airplane within the confines of the small field.

The rc Cessna 182 has enough power to do a decent loop if you give it some down elevator to gather some speed before pulling back for the loop. It will do a decent aileron roll if you are ready with enough elevator when it gets inverted. And, it will even fly inverted with a little practice.

What I especially like about the rc Cessna 182 is how easy it is to land. It will easily slow down to landing speed and resists stalling. When it does stall, it is straight ahead. Doing touch and goes can be lots of fun.

If you are ready for an aileron rc airplane and want to get it into the sky in a hurry, you can't go wrong with the Hobbico rc Cessna 182. When it is in the sky it is hard to tell from the real airplane."

Thank you, Mary, for taking time to review your rc Cessna 182 for all of us. It is much appreciated.

The Hangar 9 rc Cessna 182 from Horizon Hobby has a wingspan of 95 in. and a length of 77 in. with working flaps. The ARF uses 1.20 to 2.10 two cycle or 1.50 to 2.0 four cycle engines. All up weight is about 17 lbs.

Great Planes rc Cessna 182 is made from balsa and ply. It has a wingspan of 65 1/2 in. and a length of 48 in. You will need a .40 to .52 two cycle or a .52 four cycle engine. Weight is around 6 lbs.

The Top Flite rc Cessna 182 kit is all wood with a 81 in. wingspan, 64 1/2 in. length and weight of around 11 1/2 lbs. For power you will need from a .61 to .91 two cycle or .91 to 1.20 four cycle engine.

Tmmy Scale Composites has a rc Cessna 182. It has a 158 in. wingspan and is 106 in. long. The ARF is of all composite construction and needs from 119 to 211 cc gas engine power. Weight is around 54 lbs.

Tmmy has a smaller rc Cessna 182. It has a 120 in. wingspan and is 94 in. long. Engines can be from 50 to 125 cc and weight is around 39 lbs.

The ASM - Advanced Scale Models rc Cessna 182 has a 120 in. wingspan and 82 in. length. It is of composite construction and needs a minimum 2.0 two cycle engine for power. Weight is around 29 lbs.

Hyperion makes a rc Cessna 182 with balsa wings and a glass fibre fuselage. It has a wingspan of 39 in. and a length of 33 in.

Kit Cutters rc Cessna 182 from Wendell Hostetler plans is a kit of all wood construction, with a wingspan of 10 feet, and a length of 82 in. Engines can be from 3.0 to 4.0 c.i.d. All up weight is around 28 lbs. Plans are available for sale separately.

The Kyosho rc Cessna 182 has a wingspan of 37 in. Its length is 26 in., and weight is about 17 oz. Included is a geared Speed 280 type motor.

LA Shop. com's rc Cessna 182 has a wingspan of 63 in. with a length of 46 in. and weighs about 5 3/4 lbs. You will need from .40 to .46 two stroke or .52 to .63 four stroke engine power. It is made from balsa and ply.

Also from the LA Shop. com is a rc Cessna 182 that is a foamy. Its wingspan is 38 in. and length is 28 in.. Weight is about 21 oz.

The Cyclone Technology rc Cessna 182 comes with a wingspan of 68 in. and length of 51 in.. You will need either a .60 two stroke or .91 four stroke engine to power the approximately 7 lb. airplane.

The rc Cessna 182 from Chigift has a 36 1/2 in. wingspan, a 34 in. length, and weighs about 20 oz. A 290 ED motor powers the model.

The Cessna 182, called the Skylane, first produced in 1956, is a long living part of the Cessna tradition. It is a continuation of the line of single engine, high wing aircraft.

Whilington Technology has a rc Cessna 182. Specifications are 38.6 in. wingspan, 33.9 in. length, 19.8 oz. weight. Included is a motor and flight battery.

The Cessna 182 started out as a tail dragger that changed to a tricycle landing gear configuration. It is known for being an excellent value, its relatively high performance, being stable and easy to fly, uncomplicated, dependable, requiring low maintenance, and having a low overall cost of ownership.

Hobby-Wing is exporting their rc Cessna 182. Its wingspan is 55 1/2 in. with a length of 40 1/2 in.. Included is a brushless motor with controller. Weight is about 2 1/2 lbs.

Since 1956 the Cessna 182 has undergone a number of improvements. The wings and tail of the aircraft were strengthened and its tail became swept back. Its landing gear was shortened and strengthened, additional windows were added on each side, the rear window was made larger and wrapped around, and the cowling improved for better engine cooling.

General Hobby has a rc Cessna 182 that has a wingspan of 63 in. with a length of 46 in.. Engines can be from .40 to .46 two cycle or .52 to .65 four cycle. Weight is about 5 1/2 lbs.

In 1977 the Cessna 182 received optional retractable landing gear, and in 1979 a turbocharger became available for its engine. The turbocharger made it possible for the engine to deliver its full power potential to the aircraft's maximum altitude. A Cessna 182 with both options can fly about 40 mph faster than the standard aircraft can at altitude.

A rc Cessna 182 from Starwei Aero Model is made from balsawood and ply. Its wingspan is 41 in. and length is 30 in.. It needs a .15 to .25 2C or the equivalent electric motor for power. Weight is about 1 1/2 lbs.

Production of the Cessna 182 ended in 1985 due to possible costly financial conflicts arising from U.S. liability laws. Production resumed in 1996 after the laws were amended.

Dongguan Bopingyi Fly manufacturers the rc Cessna 182 with a 56 in. wingspan and 41 in. length.

The Cessna 182, reintroduced in April of 1997, featured a new engine, upgraded avionics, and a revised interior with leather covered seating. A turbocharged engine option was not made available again until 2001.

Jinjiang Dadi Airplanes has a rc Cessna 182. Its wingspan is 66 in. and it is 50 in. long. Engine can be a .50 or electric equivalent. Weight is around 5 1/2 lbs.

In 2004 the Cessna 182 introduced all glass instrumentation as standard equipment.

At the Hangzhou Electric Fly Factory they are producing a rc Cessna 182 with a wingspan that is 92 in. and length that is 72 in.. Weight is around 15 lbs. The facility also manufacturers a smaller rc Cessna 182. It has a 42 in. wingspan and uses a brushless motor for power.

A total of over 22,200 Cessna 182 aircraft have been built to date.

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