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RC Red Arrow
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A rc Red Arrow from Airworld Modellbau.

The Airworld Modellbau rc Red Arrow has a wingspan of 82" with a length of 98 1/2". It uses from 27 to 36 lb. thrust turbine engines.

The RAF Aerobatic Team team flys the Red Arrow jet. The team originally had a total of seven pilots. In their first year of performing they flew a total of 65 exhibits.

RC Red Arrow

The rc Red Arrow from E-flite has a wingspan of 33" and is 35" long. It comes with a 69 mm DF unit and brushles motor. It has a glass fiber body with balsawood and hardwood wings. Included is a BL 15 motor turning a 69 mm EDF unit. It provides high speed performance, with nearly unlimited vertical. The elevator push rods are hidden inside the fuselage. Assembly is quick and easy. In just a short time the rc Red Arrow is ready to fly. The battery is accessible through a hatch in the nose of the fuselage. The overall finish and scale markings of the rc Red Arrow look great. Flight is very predictable, yet the rc Red Arrow can turn and burn with the best of them.

In 1966 two additional airplanes were added to the team for a total of nine. It was at that time that they adopted the diamond formation that became the trademark of the team.

RC Red Arrow from the Skygate Collection.

The rc Red Arrow from Skygate Collection GmbH has a 99" wingspan with a 125" length and weight of around 42 lbs. It needs a 36 lb. thrust turbine engine for power.

The team pilots are supported by approximately 100 team members. They began flying their current aircraft, the BAE Hawk jet trainer in 1979. For more aircraft information click here.

RC Red Arrow from Tenergy.

The Tenergy rc Red Arrow has a 38" wingspan with a length of 40.5" Included is a brushless motor, fan unit, and flight battery.

RC Red Arrow by Skymaster.

The rc Red Arrow by Skymaster has a wingspan that is 72" and the fuselage is 83" long. You can power it with a 15 to 27 lb. thrust turbine engine.  It should weigh around 26 lbs.

To date the team have flown in over four thousand shows in more than fifty nations around the world.

A rc Red Arrow from Sapac.

The Sapac rc Red Arrow is an all foam RTF that has a wingspan of 37 1/2" with a length of 39". Included is a 2040 brushless motor turning a 64 mm fan, an ESC, servos, radio, receiver, all batteries and chargers. Ready to fly weight is around 22 oz.

NitroPlanes has a Red Arrow. Its wingspan is 55" and length is 56". The body is fiberglass, with wings made from built up wood. For power, from .46 to .48 ducted fan engines are recommended turning a 5" fan unit. Weight is around 9 1/2 lbs.

Sky-Romantic produces a toy rc Red Arrow. It is being sold at numerous retailers under the name "Red Arrow". The toy is made of fragile foam with a radio that provides only speed and rudder control over a short distance. Although it is marketed as for beginners, this type of toy will more than likely discourage rc flying. Dimensions are a 23" wingspan and 20" length. It has no resemblance to an actual rc Red Arrow.

Lanyu manufacturers a rc Red Arrow with a 31" wingspan and a 36 1/2" length. It is a foamy that includes a motor and weighs around 19 oz.

The Tenly Hobby rc Red Arrow is a ready to fly model that has a wingspan of 37 1/2" and a length of 39". Included are a motor and 64 mm EDF unit.

The Aero Model Design's rc Red Arrow comes with a 53 1/2" wingspan and 56" length. It features fiberglass fuselage and balsa built up wing construction. To power it you will need from a .40 to .59 ducted fan engine. A Turbax 48 fan is recommended.

Ultrafly's rc Red Arrow is 29" long with a wingspan of 28". It is of all foam construction. For power you will need a Ultrafly A/30/29 motor.

Cyclone Technology makes a rc Red Arrow with a wingspan of 55". Power comes from .46 to .91 two stroke or .91 to 1.20 four stroke engines.

Chigift manufacturers a rc Red Arrow. Its wingspan is 30 1/2" and length is 34 1/2". It comes with a motor and 64 mm EDF.

Zhongshan Models produces a rc Red Arrow with a 39" wingspan and 42 1/2" length. It comes with a 70 mm EDF and motor.

Shenzhen Sunstar has a rc Red Arrow that comes with a 31" wingspan, motor and 64 mm EDF.

Aobi Toys rc Red Arrow is a RTF. Its wingspan is 39" and length is 43". It comes with a 3200 kV motor, 70 mm EDF, controller, radio, receiver, servos, and flight battery.

Tradeste's rc Red Arrow has a wingspan of 42 1/2" and a length of 39". It comes with a motor and 70 mm EDF unit and has an all up weight of about 22 oz.

There is a rc Red Arrow by Jinbo Trading Co.  Its wingspan is 39" and length is 42 1/2". A 2826 motor turns a 70 mm EDF unit. Weight is about 23 oz.

You can find a video of a rc Red Arrow posted at RC Groups by u4eake.

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