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Sukhoi Su-26

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M-14P radial
360 h.p.
22' 4"
25' 7"
Weight Empty
1,543 lbs.
Max. Weight
2,121 lbs.
53 gals.
Cruise Speed
193 mph
Mx Speed Vne
286 mph
Climb Rate
3,540 fpm
556 miles
Year Deployed

Sukhoi Su-26
Sukhoi Su-26

The Sukhoi Su-26, the first in the line of Sukhoi aerobatic aircraft, got its start in 1983. It was then that a company design team took on the challenges of developing an aircraft to meet the standards proposed by the Soviet Union.

Sukhoi Su-26
Sukhoi Su-26

The Sukhoi Su-26 from HobbyKing has a 48" wingspan and 45 1/2" length. It is ARF made from balsawood and ply and needs your motor, battery, and electronics for flight. Weight is around 2 1/2 lbs.

Sukhoi Su-26
Sukhoi Su-26

The Sukhoi Su-26 from NitroPlanes has a wingspan of 87 1/2" and is 76 1/2" long. You will need a 50 to 60 cc gas engine to power it. Weight is around 17 lbs.

The new aircraft needed to have an airframe that could withstand high G maneuvers, yet be light enough to perform effectively. The wings and tail feathers would be enhanced for maximum maneuverability.

Sukhoi Su-26
Sukhoi Su-26

The Sukhoi Su-26 from NitroPlanes wingspan is 101". Its length is 93" and weight is about 28 lbs. It is made from balsa and ply and needs a 85 to 100 cc gas engine up front.

Pilots from the Soviet National Aerobatic Team, and experienced sports pilots, gave their input with regards to what they would like to see in the new Sukhoi Su-26 aircraft.

The Sukhoi Su-26 first took to the sky on June 30, 1984. Pilots appreciated the excellent all around view from the cockpit and were impressed by its fast roll rate. It, and all further Sukhoi aerobatic aircraft, would be able to maneuver at +12 to -10 times the force of gravity.

Sukhoi Su-26
The Sukhoi Su-26 by Global is made from balsa and ply with an 88" wingspan and 81" fuselage length. For power you will need from 45 to 60 cc gas engines. Weight, all up, is about 17 lbs.

In competition with other aircraft of its class, it was soon realized that the overall weight of the Sukhoi Su-26 needed to be reduced. New space age composites, a new wing planform, and redesigned tail feathers are incorporated into the new aircraft. A special seat is designed for the pilot. It is made to provide complete support under the high G loads the aircraft is able to generate. The seat is reclined rearward at a 35 degree angle. The aircraft wing root is more aerodynamically blended into the fuselage and rudder throw increased.

Sukhoi Su-26
Sukhoi Su-26

The Sukhoi Su-26 by Performance Aircraft has a wingspan of 87 1/2", a fuselage that is 80" long, and a ready to fly weight of around 17 lbs.

The Sukhoi Su-26 is the first airplane of its type to make extensive use of space age composites. The results is an aircraft with an airframe that can withstand over 22 times the force of gravity in static tests. Its air frame is now lighter than any competing aerobatic aircraft.

Sukhoi Su-26
Sukhoi Su-26

Hangar 9's Sukhoi Su-26 is made from balsawood and ply. It has a 122" wingspan and a length of 98" while weighing about 42 lbs. Power can come from 150cc to 170cc engines.

Not shown from Hangar 9 is the Sukhoi Su-26 with a wingspan of 97", length of 91" and weight of about 24 lbs. It needs from a 58cc to 85cc gas engine for power.

Three Sukhoi Su-26 aircraft competed against some 70 pilots from 16 nations in the 1986 World Aerobatic Competition that took place in Great Britain. The Sukhoi Su-26 took first place and won almost half of the events.

Sukhoi Su-26
Sukhoi Su-26

ParkZone has a micro ready to fly Sukhoi Su-26 with a wingspan of just 15 3/4" and a length of 14".

The Sukhoi Su-26 was displayed at the 1987 Paris Air Show. It generated such enthusiasm that Sukhoi decided to manufacture a production version. The first four production aircraft were completed in late 1989.

The production aircraft were about 66 lbs. lighter than their predecessor. They had fuselage and wing enhancements for better aerodynamics, and additional air flow to the engine. The first Sukhoi Su-26 production aircraft flew in public at an air show in the United States in mid 1988. In 1989 the aircraft was again shown in the U.S.A. at the EAA AirVenture.

As a result of the enthusiastic reception to the Sukhoi Su-26 in the United States, the first of 25 aircraft destined for the country was delivered in March of 1990.

A total of 168 Sukhoi aerobatic aircraft of all types have been built. Of these, 141 were delivered outside of Russia.

EastRC has a Sukhoi Su-26. Its wingspan is 68" and weight is around 9 lbs. Engines can be from .90 to 1.20 two cycle or 1.20 to 1.80 four cycle.

E-Flite has a Sukhoi Su-26. The ARF has a wingspan of 43" with a length of 39" and weighs about 2 lbs. Recommended is a Park 480 motor.

Global has a Sukhoi Su-26 with a wingspan of 68", length of 65", and engines from .90 to 1.20 two stroke or 1.20 four stroke. Weight is around 10 lbs.

The Sukhoi Su-26 from Cermark has a wingspan of 87", length of 80" and weight of around 16 1/2 lbs. Recommended engines are DA-50 or equivalent.

Kit Cutters has plans and kits for the Sukhoi Su-26 with a wingspan of 80". The plan is from Scale Plans and Photo Service.

Kit Cutters has plans and kits for the Sukhoi Su-26 from RC Modeler Magazine. Its wingspan is 76". It needs from 1.5 to 2.0 glow engines.

Cermark has a smaller Sukhoi Su-26. Its wingspan is 49" and length is 46 1/2". Construction materials are balsa and plywood. Recommended motor is a Neo-10. Weight is around 41 oz.

The larger Sukhoi Su-26 from Cermark has a wingspan of 68" with a length of 65 1/2". It is made from fiberglass and wood and weighs around 9 1/2 lbs. You can power it with from 26 to 28 cc gas, 1.20 two stroke, 1.40 four stroke engines, or a NEO-90 motor.

Xin Ying has a Sukhoi Su-26 with a 87 1/2" wingspan. It is made entirely from wood.

Peak Model, New Zealand, has a Sukhoi Su-26. Its wingspan is 71" and it is 67" long with a weight of about 10 lbs.

Shenzhen SDS has a Sukhoi Su-26. It has a 87" wingspan and is 73" long. Power can come from 50 to 60 cc engines. Weight is around 17 lbs.

Niko Sales & Services Centre, Malaysia has a Sukhoi Su-26 that is a profile model. It is a foamy that comes with a brushless motor. Length and wingspan are both 29" and weight is about 15 oz.

Luoyang Aeromodelling has a Sukhoi Su-26 with a 101" wingspan.

Jalamal Maulana Helicopter, Malaysia, has a Sukhoi Su-26 that is a profile model with a 29" wingspan.

Like Toys, Indonesia, has the Sukhoi Su-26 with a 97" wingspan.

Hobby Warehouse, South Africa, has a Sukhoi Su-26. It has a 54" wingspan. No length, weight, or power requirements are shown.

Sai Gadgets.com, USA, has a Sukhoi Su-26. No specifications are shown.

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