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RC Su-35
(Radio Control Airplanes Su-35)

RC Su-35
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        Primary Function:
        Weight Empty:
        Max. Weight:
        Cruise Speed:
        Max. Speed:
        Climb Rate:
        First Flight:
        Year Deployed:
multi role fighter
NPO Saturn 1175
2- 32,967 lbs. ea.
37,500 lbs.
70,700 lbs.
1- 30 mm
17,600 lbs.
72 ft. 10 in.
48 ft. 3 in
565 mph
64,400 fpm
60,000 feet
2,485 miles

RC Su-35
RC Su-35

The rc Su-35 from Banana comes in kit form or as ARF. It is a foamy that has a wingspan of 42 1/2" with a length of 64". Included are retractable landing gear, twin controllers and motors turning 70 mm fans. Weight is about 6 3/4 lbs.

The Sukhoi Su-35 has been upgraded with new engines, a stronger airframe, and the latest avionics. The new aircraft do not have the canards of their predecessors. Prototype aircraft began testing in early 2008.

RC Su-35
RC Su-35

The beautiful rc Su-35 pictured above was built by Charlie Hoang using his own drawings. It has a fiberglass fuselage with balsa sheeted foamy wings, a wingspan of 38" and a length of 57". Charlie built his rc Su-35 with navigation lights and retractable landing gear. Power comes from a pair of 64 mm EDF's. Weight is about 3 1/2 lbs.

The newest aircraft also differ from their predecessors by having more powerful, more efficient engines. A quadruple redundancy digital fly by wire system that the pilot controls by using a side stick gives the pilot greater control of the aircraft.

RC Su-35
RC Su-35

In the pictures immediately above and below is the rc Su-35 from Aviation Design. Wingspan is 72" and length is 108". Construction is epoxy glass for the fuselage and epoxy carbon for the  wings and stabs. For power two AMT Mercury, RAM 750 or 1000, or Jet Cat P80 or 120 turbines can be used. Weigh is approximately 40 lbs.

Enhanced avionics of the new Sukhoi Su-35 include a radar system that has the ability to track up to 24 targets simultaneously, a head up display, and digital displays on a series of cockpit monitors. A terrain following radar mode gives the pilot the ability to fly ground hugging missions below radar detection levels.

RC Su-35
RC Su-35 by Aviation Design

The fuel capacity of the aircraft has been increased, both internally and externally, over its predecessor. In addition it is fitted with an in-flight refueling system. Although not a true stealth aircraft, the Su-35 incorporates technology to produce a smaller radar signature and lower IR emissions than similar size fighter aircraft.

To date 40 Sukhoi Su-35 aircraft have been produced for Russia.  China has ordered 24 of the aircraft and Indonesia has ordered 12 Su-35 aircraft.

RC Su-35
RC Su-35

The rc Su-35 from Jet-Tech Models built by Jean Pierre Meier wingspan is 70" and length is 109". For power you will need a pair of 15 to 28 lb. thrust each turbines. All up weight is around 33 lbs.

RC Su-35
RC Su-35

The rc Su-35 by Hobby-Aeromodelling.com has a wingspan of 39" and a fuselage length of 37 1/2". It features a fiberglass fuse and balsa built up wings. Included are two brushless motors driving EDF units, servos, and a flight battery.

RC Su-35
RC Su-35

The rc Su-35 built from Parkjets plans has a wingspan of 24". Recommended motor is a Mega 16-15-5 driving either a 5 x 5 or 6 1/2 x 4 pusher prop.

RC Su-35
RC Su-35

Banana Hobby's rc Su-35 has a 43" wingspan and is 63 1/2" long. It comes as ARF and has retracts. Included are two 70 mm fan and motor units.  Weight is around 7 lbs.

Jetwelt Modelle has a rc Su-35 that has a wingspan of 63.5" and a length of 92.5". You will need two 11 to 22 lb. thrust ea. turbines to power it.  All up weight is about 22 lbs.

Walkera has a rc Su-35. Its wingspan is 42 1/2" and length is 37". It is made from EPP. Included are two 380 type motors driving Walkera EDF units.

If you would like to recommend any other rc Su-35 don't hesitate to email us.