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RV-4 For Sale
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Specifications (typical)

        Primary Function:
        Wing span:
        Weight empty:
        Max. weight:
        Fuel Capacity:
        Cruise speed:
        Max. speed:
        Climb rate:
        First flight:
        Year Deployed:
Lycoming 10-360
180 hp
20 ft. 4 in.
23 ft.
910 lbs.
1,500 lbs.
32 gals.
180 mph
215 mph
2,500 fpm
23,000 feet
725 miles

A total of 7 RV-4 for sale airplanes are shown on this page.

The RV-4 for sale from Van's Aircraft is one of the most popular kit built aircraft. Over 1,180 have been sold to date.

Designed by Richard Van Grunsven, the aircraft is generally powered by engines from 150 - 180 hp.

The aircraft is a fun machine to fly. Take off is generally done without flaps. Acceleration with the 180 HP engine is quick and the 75 mph rotate speed is soon reached. The aircraft will climb at approximately 2,220 fpm at around 115 mph.

During cruise, aileron control is very crisp and the aircraft exhibits excellent directional stability. Aileron and rudder interface in the aircraft is easily achieved for positive control.

Landing approaches with the Van's 4 are very comfortable in the 78 - 82 mph range. Three point landings are easily accomplished. The landing roll-out is uneventful and does not present any challenges.

Modified Van's 4 aircraft hold a number of world records, including time to climb in their class (class c-1.b) and maximum altitudes.

On November 13, 2004 a specially modified Van's 4 Aircraft set the single piston engine manned level flight altitude record of 47,530 feet.

The Van's 4 is the highest flying manned single piston engine aircraft in the world and the second highest flying manned piston engine aircraft in the world overall. Only the four engine B-29 has flown higher.

The most significant modification of the record setting aircraft involved the fitting of a 350 hp engine in the airframe.

In 1995, 1996 and 2000 Jon Johanson completed round the world flights in a Van's 4 modified with extra fuel tanks, electronic ignition, a metal propeller, and a padded race car seat.

RV-4 For Sale
RV-4 For Sale - Hangar 9

The Hangar 9 RV-4 for sale is made from all-wood and features working flaps. The ARF has a wingspan of 60 in. and length of 52 in. Power can come from a .40 to .50 two cycle engine, a .50 to .80 four cycle engine, or the electric motor equivalent.  All-up weight is about 8 lbs.

RV-4 For Sale
RV-4 For Sale - Great Planes kit

In the picture above is the RV-4 from a kit for sale by Great Planes. Wingspan is 54 1/2 in. and length is 49 1/2 in. Construction is balsa and ply. Engines can be from .40 to .52 two cycle of .48 to .70 four cycle. All-up weight is around 6 lbs.

RV-4 For Sale
RV-4 For Sale - Great Planes

The Great Planes 1/4 scale RV-4 for sale has a wingspan of 70 in. with a length of 63 in. From .60 - .75 two cycle engines, a .90 four cycle engine, or an electric motor can power the ARF.  It should weigh no more than 11 lbs.

RV-4 For Sale
RV-4 For Sale - RT Models.

The RT Models kit RV-4 for sale builds to a wingspan of 39.5 in. Recommended power are .15 - .25 two stroke engines.

RV-4 For Sale
RV-4 For Sale from Stevens AeroModel.

The park flyer RV-4 for sale from Stevens AeroModel as a kit has a wingspan of 34.5 in. and a length of 30.5 in. A GWS EPS-350 is the recommended motor.  Weight is around 1 lb.

SDB Models has a RV-4 for sale in a kit. It is made from balsa and ply, builds to a 39 1/2 in. wingspan and is 33 in. long. Engines can be from .15 to .25 and weight from 32 to 38 oz.

For those who want a giant scale airplane, check out GPI Models. They have a RV-4 For Sale as a kit that builds to a 85 in. wingspan. Two stroke .33 to .60 ccm engines are recommended.

If you know of a RV-4 for sale, not included on this page, please email us about it.