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Radio Control Airplanes Waco
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       Primary Function:
       Weight Empty:
       Loaded Weight:
       Cruise Speed:
       Max. Speed:
       Climb Rate:
       First Flight:
one pilot
Jacobs radial
225 hp
26 ft. 6 in
34 ft. 7 in.
2,075 lbs.
3,475 lbs.
3 or 4
115 mph
142 mph
800 fpm
14,000 feet
500 miles

Radio Control Airplanes Waco
RC Waco from Sterling Models.

The rc Waco from Sterling Models has a 56 1/2" wingspan and 45" length. It needs power from .40 to .60 two stroke engines. Although no longer in production, you can find the kits on eBay, RC Groups, and other rc websites.

The Waco biplane dates back to the golden years of aviation. The company started producing them in 1919. It closed its doors in 1939.

RC Waco
RC Waco by Ken Willard.

The RC Waco by Ken Willard is available as plans from Uncle Willies Plans. Its wingspan is 28" and it uses a .020 engine.

In an effort to increase sales by providing additional passenger comfort, Waco started producing aircraft with enclosed cabins in 1931. The first cabin biplanes used existing aircraft parts and mated them to a new airframe. The series proved somewhat successful with sales to the general aviation population and smaller commercial airlines.

RC Waco
RC Waco from Hobby-Lobby.

The rc Waco from Hobby-Lobby has a wingspan of 50", length of 37", and weight of 2 3/4 lbs. It needs a 1035 kV motor.

There is also a larger rc Waco by Hobby-Lobby. It has a wingspan of 100" and a length of 74". Construction is all light ply. You can power it with either a electric motor or a gas engine. Weight is around 21 lbs.

Through the years, Waco improved upon their original models by modifying their landing gear to provide additional strength and cushion landings. Larger aircraft with more reliable and more powerful engines were introduced.

RC Waco
RC Waco plans by Skymasters.

You can find rc Waco plans by Skymaster in PDF format at RC Groups.

Some Waco biplanes found their way into the hands of bush pilots who equipped them with skis or pontoons and water rudders. The rugged aircraft proved equally at home operating from snow or water as they did from runways.

RC Waco
RC Waco from Easy Built Models.

Pictured above is the Easy Built Models rc Waco from their kit. Its wingspan is 52" with construction from balsa and ply. A Speed 600 size motor or from .15 to .29 2C engines can power the scale model. It weighs about 4 1/2 lbs.

The moment the starter turns over the radial engine of the Waco, you are treated to a distinct rumbling sound that is music to the ears of classic aircraft enthusiasts.

As is typical in tail draggers of its type, visibility over the front of the fuselage is limited. If you are tall enough, you can sit upright towards the front edge of the seat for a bit of a forward view.

What you do not expect is what happens when you advance the throttle. Rather than the roar of an engine at full power, the sound entering the cabin barely denotes its higher rpm's. Neither does the aircraft's acceleration, that is very gentle.

However, it doesn't take much air over the wings of the Waco to have it lift gently off of the runway. The sensation can best be described as gliding into the air, more than rotating.

Your next surprise, while flying the Waco, is the feel of its controls. They do not betray the vintage of the aircraft. Although the elevator and aileron feel is not as light as today's aircraft, they are far from heavy, and produce quick attitude responses.

The rudder has good authority with minimal pedal movement. A slight amount of pressure is all that is needed to control the aircraft.

Cruise speed for an aircraft with such a bulky airframe is a reasonable 115 mph. Gradually reducing throttle and pulling back on the stick will produce more of a mush than a stall, even down to about 50 mph.

A comfortable landing approach speed is about 60 mph. The tail wheel will remain off of the ground a surprisingly long time after the main gear of the Waco are on the runway, even at very slow speeds. However, the rudder will retain its authority until the wheel is down. Once the aircraft settles with the tail wheel on the runway, you are challenged once again to see over its nose.

Flying the Waco is a terrific feeling that just doesn't present itself in the modern aircraft of today. Not only is it a one of a kind experience, it is a pleasure long to be remembered.

RC Waco
RC Waco from Sig Mfg.

The rc Waco from Sig Mfg. wingspan is 69 1/2" and length is 55". A .75 to .90 two cycle or .90 to 1.20 four cycle engine is required for power. Weight is around 10 lbs.

Approximately 135 Waco standard cabin biplanes were produced, of which a hand full continue to fly to date.

RC Waco
RC Waco by Kit Cutters.

The rc Waco from a Kit Cutters kit is made from Morgan / Novak plans. Wingspan is 69 1/2". Engines can be from .60 to .80. RC Waco plans are available separately from Kit Cutters.

RC Waco
RC Waco from a Manzano Laser Works kit.

Another rc Waco from a kit. This one is by Manzano Laser Works. The kit was made from Peter Rake plans. Wingspan is 38" and length is 31". Weight is about 1 1/2 lbs. It can be powered with a geared Speed 400 type motor. Plans are available separately.

RC Universe shows a rc Waco from Sportsman Aviation. Its wingspan is 58" and length is 45". Power comes from a .60 to .89 engine. Weight is approximately 7 1/2 lbs.

You can find plans for a rc Waco from Mammoth Scale Plans. Its wingspan is 99" and length is 73". Weight is about 28 lbs.

If you are looking for a small rc Waco, Bradak makes a c/l kit that should make an easy rc conversion. Wingspan is 22.5" and length is 17". Power can come from a .049 engine.

Great planes has a rc Waco. It comes as ARF with a 72" wingspan and is 56 1/2" long with an all up weight of about 14 lbs. You will need a .91 two cycle or 1.20 four cycle engine for power.

There is a rc Waco from Jim Pepino plans available from Kit Cutters. Its wingspan is 90", 1/4 scale, and you will need a G-62 engine for power. Weight is around 27 lbs.

AMR Aircraft Modelers Research has a rc Waco. It is 33% scale with a 10 foot wingspan that is 91" long. Suggested power comes from 150 to 215 cc Moki radials. Weight is around 55 lbs.

A larger rc Waco is available from AMR Aircraft Modelers Research. It is a huge 40% scale with a 142" wingspan that is 108" long. Building materials are balsawood and light plywood. Suggested for power are Moki radials from 250 cc to 400 cc. Weight is around 76 lbs.

Check out the AMA Plans service for a number of rc Waco plans. There is a 70" wingspan Waco rc from Dario Brisighella. It is plan no. 50153.

Next AMA plan is a 52" wingspan rc Waco with the number 12266. There is a 29" wingspan rc Waco plan no. 12671.

The AMA has plans for a 46" wingspan rc Waco designed by Don Srull. Plan no. is 26691.

You can find Berkely plans through the AMA for a 52" wingspan rc Waco. Plan no. 22457.

The AMA Plans Service has Jim Kosteckz plans for a 35" wingspan rc Waco.

AMA Plan no. 29568 is for a rc Waco with a 33" wingspan.

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