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RC Mosquito
(Radio Control Airplanes de Havilland Mosquito)

RC Mosquito (Radio Control Airplanes de Havilland Mosquito)
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    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Machine Guns:
    Bomb Load:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Initial Climb:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
Rolls Royce
2 x 1,620 hp ea.
40 ft. 10 in.
54 ft. 2 in.
14,635 lbs.
25,200 lbs.
4 - 7.7 mm
4 - 20 mm
4,000 lbs.
300 mph
415 mph
2,850 fpm
37,000 feet
1,950 miles

RC Mosquito
RC Mosquito

The RC Mosquito from NitroPlanes has a wingspan of 73 in. and is 52 1/2 in. long. To power it you will need a pair of .25 to .32 two stroke or .26 to .30 four stroke engines. It is of all wood construction. Weight is about 11 1/2 lbs.

When first flown, the Mosquito, produced by de Havilland, had the speed and altitude to evade any enemy aircraft of the day. It was built from pressed wood veneer, and because of its speed, had no defensive armament.

RC Mosquito

Pictured is Franz Schmid and his scratch built RC Mosquito. It has a 10' 10 in. wingspan. All up weight is 22 lbs. Franz powers it with a pair of Ultra 2000/5 motors swinging 18 x 10 props through 2.4:1 gear boxes.

The Mosquito carried the payload of a medium bomber. It could out run and out climb early Spitfires. Eventually, the aircraft would be used as a night fighter, fighter/bomber, maritime strike aircraft, bomber escort, and for photo reconnaissance.

RC Mosquito

Pictured is Jeff Queensbury with his RC Mosquito built from Bob Holman Plans. It has a 124 in. wingspan and 102 in. length. Powering it are two G62 engines. It weighs about 53 lbs.

A total of 7,781 Mosquito aircraft of all types were built from 1940 through 1950.

RC Mosquito

The RC Mosquito from Ivan's Plans wingspan is 74 in. and length is 55 in. It is driven by a pair of Speed 600 motors and weighs 113 oz.

RC Mosquito

The RC Mosquito from Hobby Express has a wingspan of 45 in., a length of 34 in., and weight of about 2 lbs. Construction is all foam. AXI 2212/34 motors are recommended.

The RC Mosquito from Flying Styro has a wingspan of 48 in. and a fuselage with a length of 36 in. It can be electric motor powered.

The RC Mosquito by Dare Hobbies has a 44 in. wingspan and a fuselage that is 31 in. long. It can be driven by a pair of geared electric motors.

The RC Mosquito in a kit from Precision Cut Kits is from Don Smith Plans. It is 1/6 scale with a 109 in. wingspan and a 82 in. length. Power can be from a pair of 1.4 to 1.8 engines.

The RC Mosquito from Montana Modelworks is profile scale made from balsa. It has a wingspan of 46 in. with a length of 35 1/2 in. and weighs around 18 1/2 oz. When equipped with a pair of GWS 350 motors it is supposed to make a good combat model.

The RC Mosquito from Green Air Designs has a 32 in. wingspan. It is designed to be powered with cd rom motors. Weight is between 12 and 16 oz.

There are RC Mosquito plans by Traplet Publications from Brian Taylor for a 71 in. wingspan airplane for .25 to .40 two cycle engines.

There are larger RC Mosquito plans from Traplet by Brian Taylor for a 81 in. wingspan airplane that needs .40 - .50 four cycle engine power.

A RC Mosquito was built by Ted Volvo. It has a a six foot wingspan and weighs about 11 lbs. It uses O.S. 46 engine power.

A RC Mosquito was built by Jeff Todd. It has a 82 in. wingspan and uses Saito FA 100's to power its approximately 18 lb. weight.

A RC Mosquito was built by Bob Charlston with a 107 in. wingspan. It uses two ZD .60 engines and weighs about 39 lbs.

A RC Mosquito is owned by Steve Jeffreys that has a ten foot wingspan. It has a fiberglass fuselage with built up wings. A pair of G 62 engines powers the approximately 50 lb. rc airplane.

The RC Mosquito of Jeff Tittlefritz has a 80 in. wingspan and weighs about 14 lbs. It uses Plettenberg motor power.

The RC Mosquito of Bill Lowermann has a 98 in. wingspan and is powered by G 23 engines. It weighs about 42 lbs.

The RC Mosquito of Bill Farrell has a wingspan of 122 in. It uses Quatra 75's to power its 52 lb. weight.

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