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F.1 Specifications

    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Initial Climb:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
DH Goblin 1
3,100 lbs.
6,370 lbs.
10,480 lbs.
4- 20 mm
30 ft. 9 in.
40 ft.
375 mph
540 mph
4,300 fpm
54,000 feet
730 miles

The DH.100 Vampire, produced by de Havilland, was Great Britain's first single engine jet aircraft. It became the first British jet ever to land on an aircraft carrier on December 3, 1945.

The early jet was built around its engine, the DH Goblin One. In an effort to obtain maximum power from the early jet engine, it was decided to keep the intake and exhaust as short as possible. The unique twin boom design of the aircraft enabled this.

During the early jet age, many jet powered aircraft were basically propeller driven aircraft, modified to accommodate jet engines. The de Havilland Company decided it was better to produce an all new design.

The DH.100 Vampire first flew on September 20, 1943, just a year and four months after its conception. The first aircraft to fly was piloted by Geoffrey de Havilland. Its deployment began in April of 1946, too late for World War II. It was deployed to RAF squadrons as their second jet powered aircraft

DH.100 Vampire
DH.100 Vampire

DH.100 Vampire aircraft were initially utilized by RAF Fighter Command as interceptors, playing an import part in the primary air defense of the UK. They were replaced in that role in 1951. Thereafter they were assigned the role of troop support and ground attack. They were also used by the RAF's Far East and Middle East Air Forces.

A total of over 430 DH.100 Vampire aircraft were built under license by SNCASE in France. In Italy, Macchi produced some 80 DH.100 Vampire aircraft under license. Switzerland eventually produced 178 of the aircraft. A total of 95 DH.100 Vampire aircraft were purchased by India in 1955.

Some DH.100 Vampire aircraft were specially modified for operating aboard aircraft carriers. These were known as Sea Vampires. They were the first operational naval jet aircraft in the world, and were deployed from 1947 through 1957. Their fuselages were reinforced to withstand arresting hook aircraft carrier landings. They were also used as trainer aircraft for the Fleet Air Arm's first jet pilots.

Ten DH.100 Vampire aircraft were modified as night fighters for the RAF.

The DH.100 Vampire continued to be used by air forces around the world through 1981.

Over 3,260 of the aircraft were produced.

DH.100 Vampire
DH.100 Vampire

The DH.100 Vampire from Durafly features all foam construction. It has a 43 1/2" wingspan with a 35" length. Included with the ARF are retracts, servos, a motor, controller, and a 70 mm EDF unit. Weight is around 37 oz. all up.

DH.100 Vampire
DH.100 Vampire

Pictured above is the DH.100 Vampire from Green Air Design.  It has a wingspan of 28". To power it you will need a 44 mm EDF or pusher motor.

DH.100 Vampire
DH.100 Vampire

The Kit Cutters DH.100 Vampire has a wingspan of 59". The motor recommended to power it is a 930-6 turning a WeMoTec fan.

DH.100 Vampire
DH.100 Vampire

The DH.100 Vampire by Ducted Fans.com has a wingspan of 47". Fuselage length is 38". You can power it with a Hacker B15 16S motor turning a Midifan 90. All up weight should be around 42 ounces.

DH.100 Vampire
DH.100 Vampire

The DH.100 Vampire from Modellbau-Bichler has a wingspan of 46 1/2". Overall fuselage length is 36".  Best performance comes when you use a Plettenberg HP 290-20-8 motor turning a Aero-naut turbo fan 1000.

ICARE has a park flyer profile DH.100 Vampire. Wingspan is 23 1/2" and length is 18". It has a length of 18" Construction is from Depron foam. Recommended motor is a GWS 50 EDF.

Aero-naut Modellbau has a DH.100 Vampire. It has a 46.5" wingspan and a 36" length. To power it you will need a 90 mm EDF unit.

You can find a pusher prop DH.100 Vampire designed by Hans Lenherr. It measures 36" from wingtip to wingtip and is 29" long. A speed 400 size motor is suggested as power for the 1.2 lb. aircraft.

Jet Arrows has a DH.100 Vampire. It is an all fiberglass design that can be fitted with optional retracts. Wingspan is 57", length is 47 1/2" and weight is about 6 3/4 lbs. You will need a 90 MM fan unit to power it.

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